Concerts Thread


Ringing in my 30th birthday at Alice Cooper…unfortunately it is at Darien Lake…


Fk that Hotel.

My car has new brakes and does not seem to be overheating anymore lol. @ProgRocker


I’m not mechanical guru, but how does changing the brakes affect the overheating?! The hotel was nice aside from them NDing @Gus about his points.


haha the thermostat took care of the overheating.

I would never go to that hotel again.


The woman showed me the promo video online for that-looks freaking killer!!! I’ve been out of the loop as far as that genre of music for a bit-when I stopped paying attention Sasha and Jon Digweed were pretty much the biggest names. I was surprised that I knew any names on the line up. Some of them have been huge names since 98.


Um Apparently Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa) is coming to Nietzsche’s Sept 21. Anyone want to go? I don’t know where his kit will go?

Also Carl Palmer coming to the Tralf in November.


Uncle Acid was awesome live, dudes killed it. If you missed your chance to see them in Toronto I feel bad for ya


I have EDM’d the fuck out of this year. Cosmic Gate was cancelled last week due to the Chicago Airport Bullshit. Porter Robinson is tonight but idk if I feel like driving out there. The 17th Audien comes to the new “lift” nightclub that used to be Rendezvous.


Knife party is coming I believe to the waiting room


Going to see Train at Austin City Limits in December, second row.

Then going to Fort Worth in January to see Ben Folds play with the symphony. I think fourth row dead nuts center in front of the orchestra.

Two weeks ago, seen a live taping of Austin City Limits, we seen Nickel Creek from the balcony. Try getting that ticket! It will air on PBS in January.

Also trying to get tickets to see Darius Rucker.


I’d be down


Shit, I stand corrected…It’s Kill the Noise that’s coming:


Ehhhh I’m more progressive house and trance, FGGT Luver Boi

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E.G. - Never Cry Again - Dash Berlin


December 11th Lil Debbie is in buffalo|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=7252530



Going to see the legendary Tony Levin’s Stick Men at the Tralf on October 23rd with the old man. Tickets are purchased.


I will be there


Saw the Stick Men with my old man on Thursday. I knew they’d be good, but they were beyond good. They also came out for autographs and pictures after the show. My dad bought me their CD and had it signed by all three members. SOOO much #progrock . I also managed to grab a picture with Tony Levin, who I think it one of the greatest musicians alive right now. He’s also played with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel to name a few. The man is a legend that they call Uncle Tony.

Also bought a CD from a local prog band called “Blue Shift”. They were really good and I love supporting local music.


Chevelle at rapids theatre in dec. I want to go


anyone here going to DFA1979 at Sound Academy in Toronto on Dec 5?

I’ve got VIP tix and will be there with about a half dozen peoples thus far… looking forward to more.