Concrete Delivery


Does anyone know of a company/person that delivers concrete? I’m pouring a pad for my shed (8x10), have it leveled and framed and ready to pour, I would do all the work. I just need someone to show up with a truck and pour it into wheelbarrows. I would need 1 cubic yard (roughly 25 cubic feet) of 4500 psi.


@1QIKZ might know.


I was told to reach out to Transit Redi-Mix, my buddy said they were affordable and easy to work with, but I’m still open to suggestions.


Do you have a truck with a hitch? If so theres a place on transit near the 400 where you tow a mixer filled with a think 1.25yd…it was enough for me to do a 8x12 shed a few years ago.


Really?? Could you check to see what place that was? I can borrow my father’s truck, that would be perfect and I wouldn’t have to pay the small load charge


If you’re going with a 4" slab, it’s calculating to just under a yard (26.7 cu ft). Go heavy to be safe, never go short. 4500 PSI is complete overkill for a shed, unless you’re parking a 747 on it. 4,000 PSI is used for car traffic.

The place on union is Grand Rental Station. Not sure if they still do the little mixer setup. Transit ready mix is option 2. Any full scale mix company will hit you with a 3 yard minimum, plus weekend fees, if that’s what you’re planning. If you use Transit, you should have at least two polish pickups running to make it timely. I think they have certain time frames to work within, or extra charges…I think. Check their website or call Kim @ TRM.

Don’t forget wire mesh for strength and to help with cracking, which you may get. I have a couple sheets you can have if you pick them up. Also, compact the stone as much as possible. Use a sealer too.


Yea thats the place, on union. was about $250 when i did it, but that was years ago.


My uncle is going to be helping me with it, he worked in the concrete business for 30+ years so I’m just going off what he said, my experience with concrete is walking on it lol. He said with an 8x10 slab the rebar/mesh isn’t necessary since the pad typcially moves as a whole as opposed to cracking. He said 4000/4500 would be fine, the 4500 was only me over engineering things, but definitely not necessary. The 4500 also includes fiber mesh in it. We’re having #2 crushed stone delivered this week, it’s going to be 3" deep after compacting. I will probably take PTO if I have Transit do it only to avoid the fees with weekend delivery, their dispatcher was super nice and helpful when I called yesterday but I want to check out that Grand Rental Station today as well.


Sounds like he knows what he’s doing but 4000 pounds per square inch is awful heavy.


Who was it that posted a while back about concrete and asphalt quotes?
Is he still on here? Does he still do this type of work?
I need both done.