Congrats Sean Caron - 4th in SM at Mass. National!

Great job! :headbang:




Not to menion dale and stephen in 2nd and 3rd in Dstock

rock on

Nice to know we’re up against some of the best around here… :tup:

ummmm, the race isn’t over. That was just Sat. Nothing is official until the Sunday runs are complete :wink:

But he is doing well so far…

congrats hun :wink:

Nice Job Sean!! Shame for being behind Honda Civics… :wink:

congrats sean!!!

congrats sean and other placers :slight_smile:

Sunday results are posted, Sean finished 5th, hung on to the last trophy spot. Way to go Meat!


Many thanks all. Very tired.

All in all a good weekend. I never did take my head out of my ass and start driving until the 3rd run on the last day. I ran 3 tenths slower than my fastest run of the day and had a tank slapper “almost” spin that cost me a full second. Lesson learned. Drive harder and get my head out of my ass sooner. :smiley: