Converter Re-stall

are there any west-PA shops that re-stall torque converters.

i’m looking for high quality work, from and exceptional shop.

My converter is a custom made billet piece, and i’m interested in having it rebuild, to stall higher.

the shop that build it is in AZ, and shipping would get costly.

Gillece Transmission is one I know of that rebuilds converters

As Ive said this guy is the best

he said he has to ask the shop that rebuilds converters for him.

called, they dont do “race” converters, they gave me the number of a guy who does.

i might just send it back to TCS in AZ, and for $100-$150 they’ll rebuild it at any stall i want.

just called TCS, they said no problem under $200 for a full rebuild, different stator, new clutches, any stall i want

i’m gonna try once more this weekend to get it to flash at 3400. if not, i’ll pull it and send it out.

apparently the older 9/11 converters are looser then the newer one i got, cause mine is pretty tight at 2800. the older styles have flashed at 3800, but i can only flash mine to 3200.

Go with the manufacturer… thats your best bet.

Told ya 2800s are weak lol, go with a 3400-3600 dude… its perfectly streetable… I DD’d the Sierra with that Yank 4000 for almost 4 months into Orbital

i’m gonna ask if they can build a loose 3200. that’ll be enough to flash at 3400-3600.

Thats funny. They built mine

i called the one on RT.51, he gave me the number for the one in Cranberry.

i’ll call today and get a price quote.

because its a custom deal, i might be better off sending back to the manufacturer. but i’ll get a couple prices first.

Well. Gillece rebuilt it thursday. i picked it up friday. and put the truck back together on Saturday.

Sunday drove it to a show, and on the way back it started whining, and grinding. Didnt drive it Monday. Yesterday i put it up on the lift, and its definietly the converter grinding. so its coming out, and i’m buying a new one. I dont wanna send metal through the Rossler.

The guy at Gillece said he never saw anything like my converter. Which scared me. And now its junk.

So its stopped permanently for now, till i get another converter.

It worked before they rebuilt it, correct? Are they going to cover anything?

x2 GET A PI one!

gonna call this morning. i put about 40 miles on the converter.

i was looking at the Power Raptor converter. very similar to the one thats in it now.


Talked to the shop. He’ll work with me to fix it. He has a torque converter dyno in his shop. It cost extra to dyno a converter, so he didnt dyno mine. But this time he will. I told him the noise its making and his diagnosis is. 80% sure is a fluid “shearing” noise. He said that the manufacturer (TCS) used a high-stall pump, and to achieve a lower stall, the fins were bent on the pump. He said there was so much welding done on the pump side, that to try and rebuild the pump would’ve been timely and costly, and require extremely precise work. He did maintain precise tolerances when rebuilding mine though. Anyways, to achieve the high stall i wanted, he put in a different style stator. Now his diagnosis is that the fluid coming from the fins to the stator is entering at such an angle that the fluid has alot of deflection, and makes a shearing noise. He said that some early FWD GM converters did the same thing. He said if it was a bearing noise, i would’ve heard it in Park/Neutral. Besides, the bearings are brand new.

Anyways, i’ll pull it out, and he’ll dyno it to try and recreate the noise. If it is fluid, he’ll run a different style stator to quiet it down.

due to the cough loudness of my truck, diagnosing it while its in the truck is out of the question. so i’m gonna pull it.

damn that sucks brandon…g/l this time around with it

Being Cheap = FAIL

its a quality piece, rebuilt to my specs. its just noisy.

Jim will get it right for you. He really knows what he’s talking about. He built mine back in 01 and had it apart in 02 when my transmission grenaded. Right now it has somewhere around 850 passes on it, with no troubles.