Corey Maurers LS1 S2k build (Updated 6/25)





That is a spectacular amount of work…looking forward to more progress…




are the directional tires going the wrong way or am I looking at them wrong?


You’ve never just thrown wheels on a car while working on it so you could move it around? What is with all the retarded tire discussion in this thread? Looking forward to seeing LS swap photos.


spoken like tire hatin drift king!


what does WNY mean? Yea, it was a bit of a heartbreak to tear the bay down how it was, but I knew itd be an improvment! very happy so far with my progress

Man, you got balls! lol

Thanks man!

Thanks lol

wheels were just tossed back on to roll it around…

Yes, that… and it is funny to me how many people here and on FB/IG have commented on the tire thing lol, there is cool shit to look at folks!


WNY = Western New York

Some of you guys need to fill out your location in your control panel :slight_smile:


Oh, LOL no I am ENY I guess! Live in Hudson Falls currently


So your going LS based but what bottom end and HCI package? No matter which way you went I’m always glad to see another convert to the LS family. Jake has my contact info if you need any dealer specific resources for that part of the build.


Its an LS1 out of a WS6… I am going to do a simple cam swap in it for this time around, nothing too over the top just yet, plan on a holley mid rise manifold and custom intake setup, custom headers and exhaust of course as well


sweet, love that your doing an ls swap . what year is the s2k ? and how is this going to pass the plug in , different engine and brand “gm” pcm . I know the gm stuff can be tuned but how is this going to work ??


the s2k is an 02 and its not… lol


Killer work so far on the swap man! I look forward to seeing it and giving you a hand with whatever help I can. Keep at it man and get ahold of me whenever you are working on it.


Im just hammering out the easy metal work, once thatsdone and I have a weekend off Ill be in touch to have you come up and workyour magic on he tougher stuff!


Saw this car last night. It’s filthy, but good quality metalwork like I would expect to see


the struggle of not being able to wash a car you are metal working… lol


Why not just get it tuned with HPtuners and throw a 02+ PCM in so it can at least pass scanning. I never worry about visual pass. “luckily” my turbo S blew up before I had to deal with inspections


/I mean if that works Im in


:tup: bastardize that bitch