Corey Maurers LS1 S2k build (Updated 6/25)


So, as some of you know I hated this forum for a long time… it sucked.

Friend of mine told me things have changed and to hop on and share my project again.

Chances are you have seen the car on a FB or IG page here or there, heard some positive, lots of negative, and so on. Well, as the car enters its next phase, I will be keeping everyone here informed on the build and future plans… anyway, to catch people up to speed. I bought this car in 2010 (coming up on 4 years of ownership) and have buildin it ever sense… It has had 3 different turbo setups, an NA setup, and now it is being LS1 swapped…

Some pics from shows/shoots last year…

OKAY, enough of the picture whoring, and onto the engine bay mods for the LS1 swap and 2014s new look!
Passenger side frame rail cut square to make room
Tucked radiator being mocked up
Both sides squared off and mounts tacked in
Driver side filler panel and mount tacked into place
Messing with ideas for the firewall, this has already been changed will update that soon
Goodbye radiator support/hood latch
custom cooling plate tacked in place
Power steering relocated
Idea for the new crossmember design, will be tackling this this weekend

Engine is off at the painters getting cleaned and sprayed satin black, I am working with a few companies on new products for the market with this build, some local, some not so local!

Any input is appreciated and hope to actually get this thing to some local crap this summer!


Love the color


What a fuckin shit show. Just kidding. I like the color too. Has got to be a handful to drive. Keep updating, you’ve got my attention.


Glad to see you return brother!


very sweet


big fan of s2k in my opinion one of the best Hondas ever made!

might be a stupid question, but why leave the turbo setup to go to a V8?


Thanks! Its a custom Kandy Root Beer from House of Kolors, we opted to shoot it over a galaxy grey basecoat rather than the silver most guys use… Gave a darker deeper result and I love it!

Going to give the thumbs up or thumbs down on the color for the motor today or tomorrow, and going to be doing a bunch of metal work today,updates will be abundant this weekend

Its all your fault! lol

Thanks bud

Not stupid at all, reason really was problems with the setup and me wanting an LS1 in the beginning. I had some srious wiring issues with the ChaseBays engine harness and honestly I was just done chasing them around, sold all my stuff and hopped into the original plan for the car


Car looks really clean (or did I guess) :tup:

That color looks great. When a “brown” is done right, it just looks amazing. N’crtl on the boards did his WRX in a brown and it looks awesome too. I think he did Porsche brown. Anyway, I look forward to the “progress”



Looks nice, but federal tires…really???


Love that color :tup:

I’m not a fan of tire stretch but it looks good with those wheels / flairs.

So why are you going LS1? Seems like you’ve had several motors that probably made the car move just fine.


Yep, Federal 595 RSr check em out

Thanks man, brown is a tricky one for sure!

It isnt about whats fast to me, its about what I prefer… I thought for the longest time that I hated muscle cars and was a 4 cylinder/import only kind of guy, until I opened my mind up and realized that is was just the styling and execution of domestic cars/builds that I disliked… Started paying attention to more cars and realized every time an LS powered vehicle that was modded a bit rolled by I couldnt get enough of the sound… plus torque is cool lol


How dare you question the awesomeness of the LS1


haha well this car hasent moved under its own power in a while… haha but the amount of work on this car that corey has done is mind blowing! i dont like the stretch tire either but it looks good on this car i cant wait to see the ls1 sitting under the hood


did some research and basically what ive found was “for a cheap tire they arent that bad, but dont compare to the good name brands out there at the end of the day”


I was going to run RSR’s if I switch to 18s. They’re only like 140 per tire for 265/35/18 lol. I’m sure they’re not as good as other tires in their class but they’re half the price.


Welcome back cory. Still love the color, happy to see you going a v8 platform even if its a ls


What other V8 would rather see him use?


Looks like top notch work!

I think Lsx motors belong in everything. I have a few builds on here and there is some great lsx swap knowledgeable members as well if you run into anything with the new setup.

I look forward to updates!


Exactly lol

Yea, lets hope we change all that haha

Basically its a tire that will do more than 90 percent of drivers can handle, and costs a fraction of the big baller tire prices… works for me


It sure is lol

1UZ I think its called?

Thanks a lot man appreciate that…

Onto the update for day 2!
Started into the firewall
Firewall all formed and almost fully welded and ground
Crossmember all formed and tacked
Covered up the EPS well flows with the bay and shows off the Import Muscle logo well!

Thats it for day 2… still waiting on getting my motor baxk bore i can do a test fit



Lol, nice car! The engine bay with the turbo set up looked so good that I would be afraid to touch it after that.
But GL on the LS swap (something I have always wanted in my S) looking forward to this build

Im guessing youre not WNY right