Corey Maurers LS1 S2k build (Updated 6/25)


That should work

Just set any codes it happens to throw for emissions to “Do Not Report” but leave them enabled and it will pass all the readiness monitors when you key on.


Do you have mounts already or are you making your own ? I have engine/trans mounts. Just need bushings. They are non plate style


Good to know!! There may be hope for a registration lol

Yes, we are using motor mount plates


Damn, these 518 og’s aren’t fucking around. Love it.


Glad to see you putting up a build thread on here, as i refuse to like your fb page just for the build. hopefully i can get a ride in this this summer…and just delete the stupid posts once people find out you are back on here.


Following this Corey! Come on bro, get it completed this time!

Gonna be a beast


You may run into an issue with the new NYVIP 2 system. I’ve heard some rumors that the new system the state rolled out this year can better identify if certain ECM outputs don’t match up to the registered vehicle. Granted certain year LS PCMs don’t report a vin so your good there, but you need to find out if the original PCM that was in the Honda would have that piece of data available. If it didn’t just use pre vin recognition GM PCM and it’s all well and good. If the Honda ECM did report the vin and you run the inspection with one that doesn’t you may run into a problem.


good quality builds are hard to find these days, thank you for sharing. Looks amazing so far.


Well, sounds like there is hope

Got support this time and I intend on using it… Learned the lesson one person just cant do it all last time

Thanks buddy

Im no “OG” this is my first full build…

Unfortunately very true



This is my boyfriend and I dont care who knows it


PJB, Im not sure what that has to do with this thread, please keep your posts on topic… I know you get distracted




Since you have the Builds forum mod ability, you can clean posts as necessary.

… Although who doesn’t want to see pictures of topless black men along side S2000 parts :afro:


Taken care of lol

      • Updated - - -

Couple better pics I took with a real camera not a phone


Didnt get much time between the last few days to actually get any work done, but did start working on the inner fenders, will need some imagination for this one they are nowhere near finished…

And got my Holley Mid Rise Intake Manifold in!

thats it for today, gonna try getting more done in the bay this weekend if I dont get sent out for work


For some reason, that engine bay all empty and clean makes me wanna crawl inside and take a nap. LOL
awesome job, press forward!


LMAO, thanks man!

Well, had some time today to work on the wheel arches/rear of the shock tower… loving how this is coming out, will be doing the same style up front…


I like this build, looking good man :tup:


Thanks man!!

Passenger side is nearly ready for bodywork!


This build sucks. Whens it getting parted out?