Corey Maurers LS1 S2k build (Updated 6/25)


As soon as you build a car worth posting about…

Got some time off from work and got the motor test fit… after some tweaking (measured the passenger side measurement on the driver side and vice versa for the mounts) and some rewelding… its in and I can keep my crossmember as is!

Start the update with the sad life of a neglected S2000… been on the road seemingly non stop for months car has sat in my sisters dusty garage…

Pushed her outside…

and began the healing process

Then began to ready the motor

Got the motor and car back in my garage finally!

INitial test fit

extended steering, alternator clearance

Car will have all SS allen bolts throughout the motor

Put back together for picture sake… in love.

Over the weekend we will be designing custom valve covers (raised three inches with LS2k (in LSX font) raised lettering on them, should be a killer touch! May be awhile before I can update again but progress will become quicker and quicker now as work is slowing down toward summer!!


More work being done and posted pictures brings this song to my mind lol

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BTW is that the shine front bumper?
How do you like it
How was fitment


any way to shave the intake down? Looks awesome though!


LMAO, yes it is Shine bumper, fitment out of the box was great, we tweaked it a LITTLE but not much at all, I love the bumper…

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Nothing im concerend with… will come up with something cool for the hood


That bumper would be on mine if I thought I could get away with not installing rear over fenders and side skirts.

Can you provide specs on the rims and tires. Did you have to roll the front and cut the rear?


s2000 Stingray? LOL [ATTACH=CONFIG]32537[/ATTACH]


My builds actually ran, they didn’t just sit in my sisters garage. Whens the last time this car had a running motor? 4 years ago?


Looking good Corey keep at it bro.


great fucking build post more pics, also seeing this just motivate me more towards building my s2k so im ordering parts for it as i type this


Just do itbs and get rid of that ugly manifold


Good god this is awesome keep the pics coming man!


Been pretty busy, got a few things accomplished… going to be trying to finish the metal work in the bay this upcoming Monday-Wednesday!

Decided to redesign the cooling plate a bit, originally I was going to use these spos for hood pins but I just dont like how they stick out…



BEFORE right AFTER left

since I have modlded the cooling plate/front bumper mount together, these mounts are useless, so I am going to end up shaving them into the frame rails so everything is flat!

AFTER grinding the ridges flat, will come back to these later to finish them off, then remove the bolts and weld up those holes as well!

got my Import Muscle inner and outer tie rods in!

As well as sway bar relocation

Then finally got around to working on finishing out the firewall…

All cut out

First piece in before I ran out of metal! boooooooooo

Squaring out the frame rails good and flat with this panel, little filler as possible here

Then it was off to the water jet to design and cut some parts for the build!

after being cut in the raw

After finishing


Thats it for the time being, more updates early/mid next week!


Much cleaner :tup:


More Progress… Metal fab is finally done… now to get everything fully welded and ground!

Firewall work

Finally capped the corners

Started the driver side

All tacked

Mostly in and welded!


Are you painting the engine bay?


Yessir, same color as the car




Thanks bud!

Small updates, dropped the motor back in one last time to make sure I like where everything sits… love it.

Shot of how the cooling plate is going to look, custom tucked radiator will mate right up to this and the fittings will be on the front, a custom shroud will also be made!

And after the first layer of all metal filler, off to a great start!

ALSO, ordered some 140 V3 stainless washers from downstar as well as top to bottom SS Allen bolts for the entire motor, -16 black nylon braided hosing for radiator lines and polished AN fittings!


Alright, got a good amount done and got some new parts

All I have layed down for filler is one layer of All Metal filler to seal all my welds 100 percent just in case!

Start with some mount weld pics… fully welded to the frame AND to the panels I used to fully smooth them

Bodywork pics one layer of all metal roughed in with 36 grit
Then it was off to the body shop…

And after a coat of etch primer, and 3 coats of 2k… bodywork will be minimal!

Also got some fab done, welded on my -16 fittings for radiator and water pumps, -4 for steam vent to water pump, 2 -8s in the valley cover for catch can lines, and brackets for the “floating radiator”

Also ordered top to bottom stainless steel hardware for the motor (waiting on Downstar V3 hardware for it all…

And my big shiny radiator hose ends showed up :slight_smile:


I really need to learn how to weld.