Corey Maurers LS1 S2k build (Updated 6/25)


just read the build from start to current. holy shit this is awesome. amazing attention to detail, can’t wait to see this finished :tup:

also: with the inspection thing. i actually called the state about this for someone elses car (i have my NYSIL) you will need to OBDII to function on the LS computer, and the first year you get it inspected where ever you go for it will have someone from the state come and investigate the non matching VINs, you’ll have to produce the car at which point the state will read the VIN on the car and then read the VIN on the computer. once they confirm that the VINs entered for the inspection are correct they will put that in the database and each following time you have the car inspected it will not flag as a non-matching VIN. so… for the first year go to a delta sonic or something stupid like that unless you have someone you trust that is willing to deal with the hassle from the state.


^^ I just got mine inspected at the local Basil oil change shop. I don’t even think they noticed that it had a GM motor in it, or the rancid smells indicating no cats.

They pulled a wheel to check brake wear, and the only thing they caught in the safety inspection was a burned out rear plate bulb. Afterwards, they just plugged into the OBDII port (which is hooked to the GM PCM), ran their tests, and put a sticker on it. No evap system on the motor - we were able to set all readiness monitors and such in the tune.


Man you guys are getting me pumped… I imagine wiring the OBDII to the GM is pretty easy? Also, can I tune out 02 sensors etc to show passing? I dont feel like running them for no reason



You leave the codes enabled but set them to do not report and it will pass readiness


Oh man, Im beyond pumped now… I can actually legally drive this thing haha


IIRC it’s like 4 wires for the OBDII port. I went to the junkyard and grabbed like 4 out of late 90s GM cars (although I imagine you can use one out of any OBDII vehicle).

Here’s the exact pinout I used:

I believe the view is facing the plug head on, with the wires coming out the back. That screwed me up, so double check yours. The “serial line” will be a 1 wire output on one of your 2 PCM connectors.

With the ignition switch so close to most OBDII locations it won’t be hard to find a constant 12V source either


Thats awesome^
Never knew this


It still amazes me how that one tiny little serial line can communicate so much live info at once. In the scanner of HPTuners you can monitor a few dozen parameters at a time, all updated multiple times every second. Just blows my mind how so much info can simultaneously travel through one route.


nice aluminum welds!


Radiator lines and fittings are here, bodywork in the aby is nearing done, downstar washers wibe here tomorrow, ordering edal assembly and masters Monday, and picking up these beauties monday as well!

Also was deciding on powdercoat for the new setup, think I have landed on the middle one, Shocker Brass!


Small couple updates… car is moving along very well!!

Just ordered my brake setup, full gasket kit, and coil relocation brackets…

These came in from Downstar

Motor back in and ready to go to the shop for the harness build

A lot of (not all of) the Downstar v3 washers and stainless hardware installed

Chopped down the LS1 harness to get things routed as a layout for the new custom harness

Shortening the coil pack harness to clean things up

Harness all mounted on the engine, can barely tell its there :wink:

Getting things run

Obviously we arent using anything from the stock harness, just getting lengths figured… new harness will have brand new wire, plugs, pins, and a milspec connector on the firewall!

Got my lines mounted up on the radiator to figure how I want them to run

Next step is to finish the harness and get all the brake and clutch lines made! Might even be able to fire this thing up soon… who knows


More crap…

Got my coil relocation bracket and thermostar housing in from CBM motorsports

All my gaskets, seals, head bolts, and throttle body came in as well

China throttle body to hold me over for now (I hate ebay parts but I couldnt justify the 400+ for the TB I want right now, Ill buy it later)

Then got to setting up my radiator lines and fittings!

Got the “floating” radiator all bolted up!

Harness guy started working on the coil relocation harness

Sparcos installed!

Coil harness complete ready for Raychem (OEM on top)

That brings us to today, Harness should be done tonight then just waiting on Raychem to come in to button it all up, car will then come home and be disassembled for the last time, all parts sent to powder an polishing and bay work/paint will be done in that time!

Only parts I have left to order are a few sensors, swap header, and drive shaft! Looking at one month from now running and driving


i haven’t been here in 4 months but you need to update this so i can stay informed…


x2. Love your build man, but this one by @Corey_Maurer is some serious next level stuff.


Well, heres how it sits today… sits, waiting for more time and dollar signs

      • Updated - - -

Setting up the coolant system

Custom brake lines and wilwood floor mount pedals

Custom Steam tubes

Trying to catch up on some stuff, hope to have some updates at some point!

      • Updated - - -

More updates I forgot

More work done… ALOT more…

Before/after coil packs, wiring, and mounts

coil harnesses

Full engine harness complete

Random boatload of parts!

Sent out my import muscle power steering relocation and motor plates for polishing!

Meanwhile the car went to paint… in sealer

base coat down!

candy sprayed

Motor was also taken apart and sent out to powdercoat all the things!

Driveshaft shop aluminum driveshaft came in

Motor back in!


I dig the color of the motor :tup:


Engine / Car color works awesome imo :tup:


crazy color combo, but it works!


I would be afraid to drop a tool in that engine bay when working :eek: Looks really clean :tup:


update on this thing??