Correlation ive made...

Ive noticed that girls who keep their cars neat and tidy generally are good girlfriends, drama free and very nice to be around, whereas girls whos cars look like a war zone inside are generally bitchy and always terrible to be around.

I had one g/f who kept her car spotless inside, she was perfect
Another whose car was a mess, she was the devil.

The same holds true for every single person I have asked.

So, id be willing to bet that Newmans ex has a super messy car

Just wondering if anyone has noticed this too…

EDIT: this is just a generalization, im sure there are exceptions to the rule

My experience has shown that as well. Very true!

hrmmm you are on to something

Looking back on it Ive had the neat, the sty and the in-between. Their personalities all go along with it :tup:


that makes 13ppl who can confirm this

i confirm

but the ones with empty alcohol bottles in the backseat are always more fun :tup:

<— confirms it, Dana always had a spotless car, so did jess … 2 very friendly girls

and well … girls x, y and z all have messy cars and are a pain in the ass

i can think of one exception to the rule … so im 2-3-1 for the girls i can think of offhand

i guess i have to be the exception then, my girlfriends car, while not littlerd with stuff usually has alot of folders and supplies from work in the trunk and back seat, yet she is quite drama free and does jsut about anything for me without question. i guess if you mean like BK wrappers and other garbage thats a different story.

i confirm

Actually, the one who was messy (in her car) was the best

the clean one was so fucking anal about everything

so I do not concur.

im gonna say that this observation applies to the “dirty” messyness, instead of the “work/school” messiness


I was with a girl with a clean car… Drama city… We’ll call her exception to the rule…

Interesting… I keep the inside of my car generally spot free and I think I’m a good girlfriend, so who knows

I know a few girls that ruin your deductive reasoning

The ex with clean car was a huge bitch

the wifey messy as fuck an is also a huge bitch


:stuck_out_tongue: wifey is a bitch, but a good gf.

my ex had a messy car and was a total bitch most of the time to me. but i met this new girl and her car is messy and she is really nice. could be i just met her. we will see.

Haha, Juan that was aweosme…

Of the few girlfriends I’ve had they all had messy shitty cars. All of which I hated (the cars) but kept my mouth shut. None of them turned out to be what I was looking for.

Coincidence…ehh, seems to be so…