Cragar Wheels

Ok, my father and mothers 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in November. My father wants nothing more than a set of Cragar Wheels for his vette. He is planning on buying them soon, but my mother wants to buy them for him for their anniversary before he can buy them for himself. I have no idea about this old school shit.

Is there anywhere local where you can buy Cragars. He wants new, not used or re-conditioned.

My mom doesn’t care about price.

These are the rims he wants:

can someone tell me if with this backspacing…it would fit a 79 vette?

thanks in advance


try ebay mang?
you never know

i know yearone is for like f body’s n shit ( i used ot be into that), its worth a try

See what summit says for sizr fitts? Then ask Jegs, and anyother place. Search the vette fourms.

If you want them local and dont care about price, KS can get them in a couple days.

I was going to suggest K&S as well.

And that’s an AWESOME rim choice.

I love those rims.

Are those 14" or 15" S/S’s? Yeah, probably the hottest old-sk00l rim you can get, right there with the Torq-Thrust D’s and Mag 500’s. :tup: on the selection mang.

i might be able to score them thru goodyear…

15’s and we already ordered them today…sorry duders

thanks for all the help mansssssss

hott, post up pics whne they finally get installed.

nice wheels