Croc bar needs floor men

Like the title states … if your interested and would be willing to give up a day of drinking to make some money on Parade day, NEXT Sunday the 15th. Pay is $10/hr and all you would have to do is walk around, make sure fights don’t start, break them up and kick some ass if they do and pick up empty beers and throw out any garbage you see. If i know you personally it would be great, if not that’s ok too. PM me or call/text if you have my number. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
…And it would be preferred that you are of legal age to consume alcohol :slight_smile:


$10 really?

No offense, but thats pretty cheap… and I like to kick ass.

I don’t make the pay decisions … and from previous years of work … $10/hr for walking around in circles picking up crap and mingling when everything else is taken care of isn’t that bad if you ask me.

I see. I thought there would be more blood involved.

If it is just hitting on chicks for the night, $10 isn’t bad :slight_smile:

can i drink for free?

im not a big dude, but im down for kicking some ass.

double post…

Bump… a few of you guys showed interes, but we still haven’t had any calls… Sunday is fast approaching, we need your help! thanks

Sorry to say, but my sunday is worth more than $80 and the hassle of dealing with DT on an amature drinking day

good luck though

everyday of your life is worthless since we left winspear

HMMM Tempting

if it were 10bucs/hr just to kick ass i would consider, but since i have to talk to people and pick up trash its extremely less appealing.:frowning:


LOL kick ass… right…

10 an hour isn’t bad, to just stand around doing nothing…

I’m doing a 12pm to 4am run on st patties day for the bar I work at

LOL this is for you jesse

how long would it be and does the croc bar need anyhelp on other days

lol I know, Kick ass AND get paid for it…I love that concept

You don’t HAVE to talk to anyone. Sometimes it just makes the time go by faster…

just an fyi… the very most that is gonna happen is you’ll get pissed off at all the retarded people being hammered.

you’ll probably never lay a hand on someone and even if you do. its just from someone puking that you’ll walk behind out the door.

Fuck that I’m out!