CTS-V Coupe SCCA race car

Last month, General Motors announced that Cadillac would be returning to the SCCA World Challenge with an all-new, menacing version of the CTS-V Coupe. The race car will officially debut on January 10 at the Detroit Auto Show, but GM has released this first set of photos early, showing the hot new Caddy that’s set to storm the SCCA circuit starting in March.

Two CTS-V Coupe race cars will be commissioned for SCCA duty, driven by Johnny O’Connel and Andy Pilgrim. The first race is set to take place on March 25 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we’re eager to see what these new CTS-V Coupes look like flying around the track.

I really like the back compared to the pointed bumper and center exhaust on the production coupe. I will work on getting a couple pictures here in Detroit.

Hopefully they bring the race back to Belle Isle soon so I can see them in their natural environment.

looks like a riced out CRX in the last pic


True ricer with a upside down spoiler.
Shake down at Sebring International Raceway.

Fap Fap Fap Fap

Looks awesome :tup:

That is one goofy looking spoiler, but as long as it works…

Andy Pilgrim is a fantastic driver. This should be a potent package.

Looks amazing!

So sweet…
Love the CTS-V…gimme a 6spd manual one in Black w/ Black interior and Saffron seating inserts!

Meh the spoiler isn’t that goofy if you guys have been following racing over the past couple of years. The “swan neck” style mounting has been gaining popularity over the past few years. I wonder if this ctsv race car is as much of a cheater car as the last one :tspry:

Some cool videos of the build and testing:

Found out Don Bulter goes to my church so I think I might need to introduce myself one of these weeks.

would smash… post3 :fap:

Really wish they had the race back on Belle Isle this year. Guess I will have to do some hot laps there myself. Got to love public roads with race painted curbs and sweaping turns.

Next video:


should be an awesome car. looks great. from what ive read is that the race cars are not supercharge like the factory motors. class rules i guess?