D2 Coilovers: First look

Finally arrived from Asia via FedEx this morning :slight_smile:


Custom spring rates, I’ll elaborate once I post a review of the system.
Initial thoughts: Coilovers are MUCH lighter than the Teins. ~ 5 lbs. Quality and build look up to par with your other major high $$$ coilover manufacturers (JIC, KW, etc.)
More to follow…

Some questions you may have:

Who are D2? Who uses D2? What background in the racing world does this manufacturer have?

Some answers:



Project Rx3 is nearing completion :slight_smile:

Nice! But you better not have paid retail… since Bing240sx can get them at / below cost…

And don’t drive them durring the winter!!! Or say bye-bye to your investment.

i have seen those before. :tup:

i believe mike (innovative tuning) is actually a reseller.

very nice coilovers, bing loves his on his 240

… only because he’s had them rebuilt like 5 times already for free :slight_smile:

RICK! OMG! You turned WHITE!

lol lol j/k

Nice bro… I really really hope it was worth the wait…

hrm, sexy :slight_smile:

no external res., no care!

just kidddding, hot rick.

i was thinking about these for the maxima

lol, i was gonna say the same thing :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…i was thinking the same thing

anyways…they look good…can’t wait to see em on the car…

how long did u actually wait for these?.

Actually, I got them below Bing’s cost :wink:

Yeah, after the overhaul I am in the process of doing on doing to the car, looks like it probably will not see the winter for the forseeable future.

oh wow…nice buy Rick! :tup:

so shiny and nice…cant wait to see them on your car

Some shock dyno results for D2 coilovers:



looks good. now less picture taking and more installing.

Sweet purchase, IMO suspension mods are just as fun and sometimes more fun than go-fast mods

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m working on that :slight_smile: Probably be in the lab tonight doing final inventory on hardware needed.

P.S. Packed your shit in a box come and get it before I feed it to the ducks :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and BTW, energy drink works better than PB Blaster for loosening rusty bolts. :slight_smile:

Looks linear… I would expect nothing less from purple shocks

Yeah,the only think I’m iffy on is the bound/rebound is 50/50 for this particular model I think. But it does have a digressive curve up front, although the max force in high speed bump is a bit much.

really??? on the energy drink, ??

but more expensive lol

when i worked at firestone we had this rust penatrent that just said firestone on it, worked wonders wayyyy better then pb blaster