damn rain

there goes my plans for the day…i think we have had enough rain. oh well maybe it will clear up for tonite

its the liek the 1st day in liek 2 weeks chill

hopefully, this weather has been shit latley

are you kidding it has rained at least the last 3-4 days

not here, it honestly only rained yesterday

it has been sketchy weather lately. its raining in one town and dry and sunny the next town over

The rain is what we need to de_stroy the humidity and make this area liveable again. humidity = :tdown:. I’ll give up a day or two of hardcore rain for cooler weather.

No rain here today

hopefully this rain will kill off the humidity

yeah we had a storm for about 20 minutes yesterday…and that’s been it… maybe a slight sprinkle here and there last week but thats aboot it…

It’s snowing and cold. People bitch and wish for warmth.
It’s hot and dry. People bitch and wish for rain.
It’s rainy. People bitch that it ruins their day.
Ya just can’t win.

Yeah no beach for me today… But if the rain holds later, I’ll be @ Taffy’s :tup:

what he said

the nice weather has been following me, i saw nothing more than a few drops

rain lets you drift without having to work hard or destroy your tires :wink:

damn rain… my other neon that i have sitting at my dads house got flooded. i swapped tail lights and i guess the gasket wasnt sealed good… so now i have about 5 gallons of water in my trunk and backseat

should of had the car running buy now find a damn computer and ya wouldnt of had to deri** ya other car haha :lol: