danny way





Danny Way is amazing…

i remeber when i was younger him dropping from helicopters and shit

ya I got an email about this earlier today… hes noots



holy shit that drop in ramp is bigger than the gerbil that’s up my ass right now.

wow - i think there’ve been some dudes on bikes that’ve died doing that - he does that shit like a few times then prolly got a microwave burrito and some hot sex :tup:

are they fucking serious with this shit?

“A crowd of several thousand people, including China’s ministers of extreme sports and culture, gathered at the Ju Yong Guan Gate about a 40-minute drive from Beijing”

yeah ya know when i was like 11or 12
that would be younger asshat

but your a huge baby right now… how could you be any younger?

oh, i forgot you just had a b-day. you must be like 13 now

harr harr :wink: