Seems like there was one thread here on this that are quite old now.

Looking for a setup for both cars.

The BlackVue DR590-2CH looks promising. I like that you can add GPS to it as well. https://www.amazon.com/BlackVue-Dashcam-Starvis-Sensor-Channel/dp/B077W23BGS/ref=sr_1_5?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1522262321&sr=1-5&keywords=BlackVue+DR590

Someone else mentioned that they use two single channel cams (front and back). https://www.amazon.com/Wide-Angle-Dashboard-Vehicle-G-Sensor-Recording/dp/B0746CL6DB/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1522262133&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=DDPai+Mini2P+1440P&psc=1

Anyone have one they like or could recommend? @bing are you still using the old Blackview?



37$, have it on all my cars. Works great for what it is. Obviously the ones you listed are way cooler and better.

i have a different brand of the same camera and have had no issues

yes i have the same blackviews in my M3 for a few years no, no real issues. front and rear cams. it also records audio in the cabin which is weird but whatever. it does help when you need the footage.

I was able to put in a 128gb card and it gives me over a week or footage. the quality is quite good.

there are often errors saying "please check the sd card’ but you can just unplug it and replug and it goes away for a bit or format the sd card and it goes away for months.

Cool. Thanks.

I decided to try the DDpai. Should be here sat. The only thing its lacking is GPS, which maybe I dont need. Just thought it would be nice to have MPH recordings should it ever be necessary.


yeah google and apple and facebook are already monitoring your location, you dont need your dash cam to do that as well :slight_smile:

I was thinking more for actual speed more than location. but whatever, video evidence is better than zero evidence

bump, any updated models worth checking out? Not looking for something too crazy here, probably under $100 would be preferred.

For those who responded with some reasonably priced ones from amazon, still happy with them?

The ddpai ones that we got are still working great. Sometimes the snapshot buttons dont work, but typically its b/c the battery died and I didnt realize.

but its easy enough to go back in and grab the files after.


I have the Blackvue 750 2 channel set up on both of my cars. They work great, but definitely way more than $100. If you pair it with the Power Magic EZ, it’s just plug and play into the obd2 port for a nice clean install. Also, the inside voice recording is great because we’re having a problem with our transmission and it’s catching all of the issues as video evidence as to what is happening for warranty purposes.

I have 5 dash cams and they were all 20-30$ they are chinese and work fine, all the instructions are chinese so it took time to learn how to use them, like 20 min.

also have the blackvuew 750.2 in 2 of my cars.

the newer ones are much nicer than the older versions from 6+ years ago.

definitely way more than $100 though.

I’ve had luck with the newer rexing cams with capacitors instead of batteries. $200 bucks for dual channel.