Debate - R34 - Evo 8 JDM

[left]Ok so I was reading around and saw people aruging on which they thought would be better in the following categories: road race, drag race and rally…

My question to you is what do you think is better and why?

In the rally I’d deff. say the Evo8 because of its advanced AWD system.

In a drag race I’m not honestly sure who would win? Drivers race?

For road race I want to saw Evo 8 because of AYC, but I’ve read alot and saw that people feel the Skyline would win.

I don’t see why people say the R34 has a more advanced AWD system??? The skyline is rwd till the rear wheels slip when it goes to 50/50 trq split. The evo can transfer trq back and forth, and lot bigger split front to rear, not to mention it can control the trq split side to side. Wouldn’t that allow for better cornering?

Thanks for the input guys…I’m just trying to set this arugment stright in my mind and I need more facts.

well a skyline was never built to Rally so taht goes to the EVO…of all the best motoring videos I have seen the Skyline beats the EVO on the road course I believe I am not positive Ill have to re watch them…Drag racing it all depends…stock for stock I wouls say Evo due to weight and all the goodies…but again and the ATTESA is no slouch of an AWD system…even is some cases RWD > AWD so when the skyline doesnt need the AWD and is RWD there is no loss threw the other 2 wheels that the EVO might have


the evo can’t transfer 100% of the torque to the rear wheels. so it has the tendancy to understeer like a fwd car in the twisties. sinse the skyline can transfer all the torque to the rear wheels it will promote oversteer and therefore be faster in a road race.

lol I had no idea oversteer made you faster on a track

Wow this is like arguing whos cooler: Spock or chewbacca. Except that would have more merit…

omg chewie FTW

spock sucked ass.

dude theres no debate here

chewy owns you

if u know how to control it…it is faster than under steer…Chewy FTW

I’d go with chewbacca also,star trek blows.

seriously, chewy would just pick up an R34 and throw it in the fucking sun, hes that fucking hardcore…

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This is the kind of shit we do not want to see in Gen Auto.

Please make note of this everyone.

^ Noted. :tup:

Rally, definatly the car that was made for it…

Drag race - although the Evo’s are good at it, I think that the Skyline would be better only because it’s motor his the capability of higher overall numbers.
As for the AWD, they are obviously both, but they act in very different ways.
I have an explanation in one of my service manuals on the entire operation of the ACD, and it is quite the interesting read. In very basic terms, the ACD works by electronic clutches (Clutch pack) that determines the engagement point and rate depending on various sensor inputs. I believe the sensors are lateral g-force, steering angle, ABS (Not for brakes, just wheel speed) throttle position and a few others.

In driving in the snow, I could see a vast difference between the three modes, trying to get it to slide around. Tarmac is great for wagging the tail around in a parking lot, snow is hard to get it to slide because it makes the front end pull more rather than being pushed, and gravel is a mix of both. I could get it to do long powerslides in gravel mod because it allowed the rear to kick out a tad, then the front would start to pull a second later, and blamo, you are already sliding so it looked like a really long AWD drift in the snow.

The Skylines system is a pretty advanced system as well. I think that your three most advanced systems are the Nissan Skylines, The Evo’s, and the Porsche 959’s. Nissan uses an electronically controlled clutch as well, and I am not to sure how the Porsche operates. I think a good example of how welll the AYC and ACD works would be with the video of the Evo FQ400 against the Lambo. It really shows in the video how easy it is to control the Evo and drive it at it’s limits.

Stock vs. stock, drag… Might be a drivers race…

Stock for stock

Rally - EVO
Drag - Drivers race possibly, but more towards R34
Road - R34


And my vote is for Chewy

i agree with Fuzzy…I might lean more towards the EVO fro drage just for power:weight reasons…but yea if u can launch a skyline properly it just rockets

Rally - Evo
Drag - R34 (6cyl power curve > 4 cyl)
Road Race - R34

But when have these two raced stock vs. stock? Most often it’s super modified vs. super modified, and in the last SCC, the super modified EVO was beating the R34 until it blew its engine at 9300 rpm from lack of oil…

but it was close the whole time…i have seen a bunch of DVDs my Best Motoring Inc. where they face of stock for stock and its usually skyline evo 1 2

I dunno, I watched a whole bunch of the best motoring video’s and I though tthe Evo based one had a track time where it was beating up on everything else…

was the skyline in that one…i know they had a few different ones where there were both…its been a while