Watkins Glen 8/29-8/30

Damn, I walk away for a few hours and world war III blows up about an evo versus a CAMARO. Well, I had no part in the ‘STFU’ argument over there, nor would I bother. Settle it with a race, or atleast be creative in your online argument.

Its also lame that it had to get closed on the determination that an EVO can ‘hands down no questions asked no modifications are enough’ out handle an fbody, which I find rediculous.

So, rather than argue about it like little girls, I invite people to show up to Watkins Glen and show me that their cars have some moves too, since I know mine does. Chuck and I plunked down the $450 already. In the meantime, if you feel the need to race around cones, I know for sure that Rushman is more than willing to put up a fight in that area as well. But anyway it should be a great event, atleast 2 hours of driving and they have a 1:1 ratio for instructors throughout the weekend. See yas there.

:tup: this is more like it

hmmmmmmmmmm…sounds awesome

And for good measure, some nice pictures of camaro racing over the years:


And a 1969 special from the Glen itself:

My car isn’t you know race material, but I’d still have as much fun as anybody in an evo or camaro. And that’s what it’s all about…right? :stuck_out_tongue:

i only ever claimed that the stock evo can beat any other stock dsm around the track

but i’d like to go, i’m by far not the best driver in the world but looks like it would be fun :tup:

here comes the 1LE > everything else

The thread was so much more about straight line racing, and even more than that, who’s a “ethug” and whos throwing out online verbal threats.

Actually, I specifically said “STOCK VS STOCK” evo would outhandle.

Quote from other thread (I eluded to this already)
“That silver camaro runs some pretty damn good times in AX”

Anyways, I don’t even have an EVO, this doesn’t really pertain to me. Have fun.

bring the STI then. Because you know evo=sti for the most part, so i think it would be fine.

why don’t we compare apples to apples…

what? people said fbodies cant handle, so mark is calling them out to prove it. And its not like mark will be able to use the bottle on the track, so its just him running around on motor.

If that thread was just about straight line I dont think there would have been an argument. Although that cop car looked cool, so if they gave me to drive it, maybe it could have run a good time. As for the rest of the ethugging, I had no part in it.

Stock vs stock and modded vs modded, I put faith in fbodies. I dont think any one car will always win, but given the choice Ill always start a race in my 1LE. All I have to offer for comparision is what I can produce.

FYI If anyone who is anyone hears “that silver camaro”, it means Brian Prior.

And Watkins Glen, the real point here, is going to be awesome. Register at neqclub.org, if there are still openings.

I love ya Mark, but stock for stock, I highly doubt anything will outhandle an Evo. Throw mods into the ring and that is a different story…

You just wanted an excuse to tell me you loved me

Hehehe… So… :wink:

And I do believe he doesn’t run like… a high 13 1/4 mile on motor…

apples vs apples = stock vs stock

Stock for stock, you are dillusional if you think a camaro will more road course prepped than an evo.

1LE or anything

Not so much an opinion. Sorta, but not really.

If you really want me to get into details, I will.

But the original arguement was started by a stereotypical joke.

Kinda like “hondas are POS econoboxs that can’t go fast”

Camaros are now exactly known for their handling prowless… not to say that you can’t make one handle, but when you think camaro, you think 1/4 mile beast.

When you think Evo, you think Rally car and good handling.

When you think Civic, you think economy car

When you think Galant, you think family sedan…

Of course, there are always those select few that break away from the stereotype…

agreed :tup:

Ok here’s the deal folks, I’ve been doing the Watkins Glen thing since I got the Firehawk three years ago. Not only is it two days of GREAT DRIVING, but it proves in a real world scenario who’s who not only among cars but among drivers. Over the past couple years, I have seen Porches get passed by Mini Coopers, M3’s overtake vettes, Myself take down multiple Audi’s. Its not really about what the car has but more about what the driver can make the car do. The question is do you have the BALLS to go WOT 400ft before turn one. Cause if you don’t have the balls you run your car, well.

One MAJOR advantage the F-bod’s have is torque. Audi’s for one take a much tigher line through the turn because of their all wheel drive. Me on the other hand can attack a turn later, hit the apex late and power right around any car without the muscle to get out of the turn. It’s all about exit speed.

One of my very good friends recently got an EVO and he will be bringing it to Watkins in August. I have yet to find out if I will be in his run group. But their will be vids.

BTW if someone has the ability to convert analog video to digital, I can post a vid of one Firehawk bearing down hard on one particluar Porshe 911 who thought they were all hot just cause they had a Porshe.

F-bod’s can handle the twisties just fine, I’m up for anyone to challenge, but I will not be challenged on some side road where some kid or animal is going to run out in front of me. BTW the firehawk has stock suspsension.

lotsa talkers in this thread, anyone besides badazz and firehawk gonna do this?

Obviously it comes down to the driver, but I would be willing to bet, you aren’t going to be as successful with a camaro as you are with an Evo, STi or what have you that was designed to take turns and twists at a high rate of speed. Modded cars take that assumption and flush it…

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