775hp Z28 police cruiser from texas


12.9 @ 109 in a 3900 pound car, BEFORE the naws !

stock pistons and rings and he is spraying 375 worth of nitrous? Ummm, i dont see that lasting long.

:word: :rofl:

Mental note rob a bank in that town, then find a really curvy road.

he ran the 12.9, then later installed the nitrous, but hasnt yet given it the :tspry:

and the car has all the suspension goodies that will fit, so it would probably handle a winding road better then a normal police issue crown vic

buf if it handles the turns anything like a camaro im still not threatened :slight_smile:


HAHA… you’ve never been in a well piloted Camaro…

youve obviosly never cbeen informed that camaros will never corner well because they have v8’s, and anything with a v8 will loose in the corners AND the straights :roll2:

775 hp and he’s only running in the 12s somewhere? does he shift from first to fourth?

775 is probably the est HP on the spray… but he hasn’t sprayed @ the track yet.

That silver camaro runs some pretty damn good times in AX

ive got an estimated 2000 hp car that should be able to run all over this pigmobile

but thats just estimated :stuck_out_tongue:

HA HA to people who think they can run from the law in Texas

cant say that i have but even a professional driver would have a hard time getting that thing to handle. Not that the camaro is a POS just with 700+ HP its not going to handle.

its still a sick car for being a cop car …

hmmm, whos paying for all that shit

he HP is on spray. A stock suspension newer gen Camaro all motor can outhandle 90% of the cars on the road. The HP is estimated… and the fact that it is that large of a shot… on “stock internals” i’m assuming the motor is still the 5.7… which means no additional weight…

My only argument here, is that the newer Camaro/Trans Am cars were very very well balanced in drag/slalom and a very good car bang/buck

who cares its a nice car for it being a cop car… why do people gotta be fuckin doickfaces and say omg thats gay or thats stupid… just STFU and enjoy looking at what might be on your ass one day…

like the artical says, its fully sponsored by the companies who have parts on it

i swear, did anyone actualy sit down and read the artical ???