Dent Removal Meet Saturday August 4th 2018 9:30am+


Cool, so you don’t have to be there until a little after 10am. I don’t think it’ll take him 30min to do mine but we’ll see.

I’ll actually keep this thread updated with the progress on my truck if you want to check-in.


Can you post or PM the address?

Also, here’s the pictures of my dent that I forgot to post.




Damn, 50 minutes from my house. I’m gonna pass. I’ll just make an appointment local and get it taken care of. Rather pay more and do it during the week than burn 2+ hours of what’s supposed to be a perfect boat weather Saturday.


Ah, well that’s where his shop is with all his lights / tools / etc. No problem.


Last call to fix dat busted hooptie :eyes:


I plan on taking my truck on Friday, how did your dent removal go Josh? Any before and after pics?


Since everyone bailed, I setup a time next week during shop hours that was better for Nick. I’ll post before & after then :+1:


Dropped my truck off Friday at Nicks shop in North Collins and got my truck straightened out





Had Nick fix 3 dents on my truck, now it’s good as new :+1:

I did take before pictures but it’s nearly impossible to tell what was wrong.