Dent Removal Meet Saturday August 4th 2018 9:30am+


Alright who needs this done? Met with Nick today who’s worked on cars from here before and we’re going to see if we can get a group together. Regardless I’m having both of my vehicles done. 20 cars MAX for a day. No idea what the cost will be, I’m more concerned with just getting the dents out than getting a discount on the work.

Post up and I’ll add you to the list :+1:

  1. Onyx 1

  2. Onyx 2

  3. JayS

  4. Andrew C

  5. Micah?

  6. ???

  7. ???

  8. ???

  9. ???

  10. ???


Count me in, there’s a few on the Miata I’d like to have fixed.


August 4th (Saturday) is the date :fire:



Nevermind, I literally have nothing going on in August except for that day (I’ll be in Syracuse).


Ah poo. Yeah that’s the day they’re available.


I’m going to post pics of potential work for the day so they can see what’s coming in advance:

Subaru: (obviously will need paint work after fix)





Trim is bent in as well:


Sign me up. Got an ugly one on the trunk of the VW. I’ll have to pull the trunk liner before I show up to get him access.


Post a pic here when you can so he can take a look.


Anyone else? It’s not often we do this.


Where are and what time are you planning on having this? Besides my truck I have a 4 other cars that I could use this but my truck is the worst. Saturday is not great timing for me either, having a Bday party for my daughter around 4.


Anytime during the day and at Nick’s shop in North Collins. Tell me what time works for you.

My plan was to take my truck there earlier in the morning, then once it was done drive back home to get the car and drive that out. We didn’t have specific times in mind.


I didnt realize he had a shop set up, that great. I know Nick does great work, and would drive out there but I don’t have that kind of time on Saturday. Ill have to set something else up.


Not even if you’re first in at say, 8am or 9am?

No problem either way. Yeah he has a detail shop, it takes me 25min to get there from downtown.


Yeah Im probably better off rescheduling, need to give myself plenty of time for the toddler party set up lol. Got to get that bounce house just right ya know.


Use this guy:

For the same price you’d pay at ABC to rent one that you have to pickup, setup, take down and return he’ll deliver to your house, set it up, and pick it up.

EDIT: I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more “dad” than just now when I realized I went OT in a car thread to hook someone up with a bounce house guy. Ugh.


Bounce houses are for adults too @JayS!


My neighbor has one that is supposed to be pretty legit, thanks for the suggestion though


I’m going to start things off Saturday at 9:30am with my truck. @JayS what time do you want to do yours?


I’ll take the next available slot after you.