Digital Camera Repair

My Canon SD400 broke two days ago. The camera is a P&S. The lens part which zooms in and out is the issue. The motor works fine, it’s the gear that must be either stripped or missing a tooth or something…Does anyone know how to repair these things? Is it worth repairing or just buying a new one? The camera cost $230 new. Any info would be appreciated.

for that price it is a disposable camera, most of the internal gears are sintered plastics, and although it is nice the out a weak point in the camera so it will not be completely destoryed if something does goe wrong, it is a pain in the ass to take apart and reassemble. Usually you will end up paying closer to $100 if not more to actually get some one to take apart and put back together. Than you can not be sure if cannon actually sells the replacement gear, or you could find one to match.

my SD100 was a bitch to take apart, pulled that sucker apart got all the sand out, she works perfect, if only i could find the fucking battery charger :frowning:

The cost of repair will be greater or equal than buying a new one. Just throw it away.

I may have an extra for my old SD110. You can have it for a dance.

HAHA, i could just buy it off ya

don’t throw it away, canon offers an upgrade program for broken cameras. my S45 broke, and i got a brand new $500 canon for $150.

If you want to stick with canons call their support line up and see what they are currently offering for upgrades

No. You’ll win it by beating me in a game of “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”


Buy a new one. Not worth repairing

I just bought the Canon SD630 :slight_smile: I fingure I have two batteries alreasdy and 3 x 2gb sd cards…Has the 3" LCD display, 6MP. ELP

AH!!! let me have the sd400! i’ll fix it!

I really hope you called cannon and got an upgrade… or you lost out on some $$

No, I did not, but I may call and just get another camera…who should I call? Just the general service number?

Have? hmmmm I dont know about “have” now :slight_smile:

well its junk to you, if i get it to work perfectly i’ll toss ya some money :slight_smile:

oh wow its just the zoom… what do you want for it… for some reason i thought it was just crap, and there was no hope in using it

I will see what Canon offers me first.

Alittle late on the the topic here. But after 10 years or so with SLR’s I finally broke one about a month ago. My Fuji S2 Pro DSLR (dont give me any crap about buying Fuji when I’m in Rochester), sent it out, repair estimate came back at $600. I can get one on the used market for $500. So I doubt getting a cheap Canon repaired would possibly be worth the money.