DIY: Powdercoated/Blacked out trim

I couldn’t stand the chrome any longer and since I had an opportunity to get my door seals upgraded for free by BMW, i decided to finally attempt this task.

So anyways, I removed the trim, prepped it, and Powdercoated it ‘satin black’. I wish I could have shown the powdercoating process, but I forgot to bring my camera. FYI, my new powdercoating oven was big enough to do all the pieces, with a little bit of room to spare.

To me the difference is huge.





T motherfucking up.

Looks much better that way.

You are a DIY P-I-M-P. Looks great

wow :tup: x 123831982

Beautiful… as expected. Now finish those other projects!!!

damnit…i really hate u josh…u and all ur sexy DIY…BAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

fuck thats hot


the rims lot AWSOME!!!


w000w! nice josh!

wow subtle but sweet.

damn, actually makes a big difference :tup: x10

Looks awesome man, seen it in person yesterday…

That’s tight Josh :tup:

turned out really nice.

you really need to do a little powder coating how to.

MADDD HOTTTT (please pronounce every D and T, thank you!)

I think the before picture works by itself because it matches your rims (at that time), gives it initial definition with looking at it. The new look works with the existing rims 'cause the chrome as stealing your eye. :tup:


Looks much better :tup:

I’m so fucking amazing some times…

Looks awesome man! :tup:

i liked it chrome

looks really good!