do you own a ford focus?

if you own a ford focus PM me cause i got some cool info

is there anything cool about focus??

j/k bro =)

the PM is actually a punch in the face.


I’ve got one… it’s slow and gay… can this make it less gay?

I do!!! for a winter car… ha ha, no really i do and its a piece of overpriced shit(svt).

are you tom?

the reason im posting this is there is a new forum for focus’s in NY, but i figured if i just posted outright everyone whould flame

So that’s why the domain was recently taken.


A turbo rally focus might be cool. buf ford is teh ghay and wont bring it here

My brother owns a 2003 2.3L ZX3.

Post it dood, it’s all good :slight_smile:

focus RS is still weak in UK or whereever they have it


lol @ newman.