Yet another N00b

Hey! My names Chris, from Rochester, friend of adictd2b00st (jay). UBarf denied me because my past car wasn’t pimp enough. I thought a nearly stock 1989 Probe GT that ran 12psi and 14.9 was pretty dammed good. Oh well. My other forum - NYPOC (NY Probe Owners Club) - has gone down the shitter as well. So, Jay in all his coolness directed me here.

I currently drive a beat to hell F-150. But, might be getting a ZX3 in the next week or so. It’s sad that I can justify my car payment in the savings in gas from the truck to the Focus. But hey, whatever. I also have a 1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD. Quick bike, and in great shape. I don’t like Cruisers, but my father bought it for my 20th Birthday. Nothing like 40 miles to a gallon, either.

Heres to a better forum than the other two listed! :beer:

welcome aboard chris :tup:

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we love anything turbo

i think if someone broght on a turbo lawnmower we’d all be excited

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