New Guy From WNY

Hey Guys Whats Up My name is Rady, Im from Western New York ( S.B. ) i currently drive a 93 Civic Hatch. The mods that i currently have on my ride are Intake, Exhaust, Headers, Auto Meter Gauges, Skunk2 Short Shifter and Knob, JDM Integra Type-R Shifter Boot ( MOMO Steering Wheel Not Installed YET), MUGEN Valve Cover, Valve Springs, Retainers, Adj Fuel Pressure Regulator, Tein Drop Springs, 00 Si Front Seats, Black Housing Projector Headlights. Carbon Fiber Rear Taillights, Mugen Style front lip, Type-R Style Rear Lip, ebay Side skirts, 15" Rota Circuit 8 wheels wraped on Hankook HR II.

I also have in the process within the couple of weeks a complete turbo kit to be put on. Iam going to try to get a pic of my car hopefully soon to post it. Looking for peeps to hang out with. (S.B. is a little dead…)


welcome :wave:

heyyyyy! :wave:

what’s up where r u guys from

welcome :wave:

Your car sounds like it has potential to be an ugly ricer mobile.

i hope such is not the case.



thanks n-e-way newman

what do you guys drive

In no particular order

An old bmw

a 99 civic EX

Something with 4 doors

an EVo

A lotus, a sti, and a bmw, and a jetski and a motorcycle

and explorer and a supra and any girl that will talk to me.

i lolled

hi V!

nice list

Welcome/Bienvenidos aboard :beer:

lol close,but i dont drive a 99 civic ex(anymore) haha

welcome :wave:

what happen to the ex

Welcome Aboard :wave: . And I am not a real big Honda guy but I am pretty sure you have a “Header” singular, not “Headers” plural.

rady tein the installer at pepboys