Don't worry, i'm an engineer

Post real world explanations as to why this design would work.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. But I can see reasons why there would be much better ways to do that. I’m no engineer though.

It just seems like the collector should be a little farther away from the flange.

I’m not a professional engineer but my gut tells me airflow dynamics into the turbo would be less than desireable. Is there a prize for the right answer?

Oh it will work. When I say “work” I mean “work very hard for minimal gain”.

Optimum merge angles are 10-15 degrees, the slimmer the angle the better. It will work, it won’t be optimum. Log manifolds work but are meh. Unless those primary tubes are 321ss then it has little chance of surviving for long. Improper material for that thickness.

Looks like a whore to fit anywhere, unless they have a ton of room in that engine bay.

Also, 5cyl? Audi?

Probably a Volvo.

or a volvo owner at least

Ah, forgot about those.

yea the angles are way too extreme and I don’t see where the waste gate is tying in

siqqq gaps.

the collector there looks like garbage…

now the CNC’d intake flange/runners with velocity stacks incorporated that is seen on the bench in the background…THATS an entirely different story…looks SWEET

Is that a victaulic coupling on the exhaust side?

probably a V band

If it’s really a 5 cylinder - are there 4 more wastegates somewhere else on that bench??? I guess you could just select an arbitrary tube and hope the exhaust flow doesn’t mind navigating to it from the other 4

If this is going on a 4 banger the 5th tube is for the wastegate… and still at a bad angle

there’s a shit bag 5cyl intake manifold in the background.

the problem is your glass is empty…need more wine for it to function properly

Dam son! That looks like poopie. Listen to carnut. Smooth out the angles, your manifold will be more efficient and you will more then likely get less lag.

I think it’s set up to collect from 5 cars bolted together in a line.

Automotive Centipede! BRILLIANT!!