drilling into compressor housing

here’s an old pic of the turbo

i bought this turbo with my portfueler stage 5 kit used with a few thousand miles, but this guy had custom intercooler piping (3 inch) and it wasnt routed the way the regualr hahn intercooler piping was, so bascially, he had a diff housing put on the turbo when he ordered it, now i want it facing down to match up with the standard 2 and quarter inch piping cause i dont wanna add more piping than there is, so is it possible to drill into the housing to make the wastegate stay in the same position? if there are any wastegate sugestions lmk!

as long as you restrict the depth to no longer then the existing holes I dont see why not.
You would need to make sure the housing is just as thick where you are drilling as where the existing holes are.

Holes will need a blind tap.

good point. im thinking i can go right along that curved piece where the existing holes are, there’s plenty of room as it is on there still, as long as i plot the pts to drill perfectly

edit: ive never really tapped new threads into anything, what exactly is a blind tap? maybe its something i already know and i just refer to it as something else

A blind tap is when the hole doesnt go all the way through the material.

It seems like there would be enough room for the wg, almost as if it was cast for it, but never tapped. Clock the turbo to where you want it and see if the wg will be in the right spot. I would take it to a shop with two permanent marker dots where you want the holes to go and have them do it.

Even if you do go through I dont see it being a problem, its not like it will creat a boost leak…

A better description would be Bottoming Tap.
It is used to tap all the way to the bottom of a hole.
The end is not tapered and cut almost square.

You have to use a regular tap to start and go as far as you can.
You finish off with the bottoming tap.

Be careful when you are using the regular tap. If it hits bottom and you dont notice from the increased resistance, and try to force it, then you may strip the hole.

Aluminum is soft and you need to be careful… especially with fine thread cuts. They are very easy to damage and strip.

I set my work up on a drill press to make sure I start the cut perfectly at 90 degrees.
I put the tap in the chuck and apply light downward pressure on the handle while turning the chuck and tapping by hand.

Once it starts enough you loosen the chuck and let it return up withthe tap left in the piece. At this point it should be perfectly square and you can put a handle on the tap and continue by hand.

thanks for the info you guys, youre right about bringing it somewhere, i dont want to fuck it up considering its important and this would be my first time doing something like this, anybody have any shop recs? or would anybody on here have the ability to do something like this?

seems like violator might be a likely candidate

honestly you could tap thru, just clean the hole and put sealant on the bolt. a blind hole is the “right” way, though…

When I did this for my civic, instead of drilling into the compressor housing, I made a bracket that used the existing bolt holes for the accessory brackets(A/C in my case), since they were very close to where the turbo was sitting.

It is less risky, and wasn’t a whole lot of work. I made the bolt on the bracket, such that I could adjust the bracket, just incase it wasn’t lined up properly.

just fab up the piping, it will take 2 seconds

yeah i did that, turns out i gotta relocate my regulator and my coolant overflow :roflpicard:

violator/newman you guys got pms, i cant afford an 800$ fuckup

shoot, i could drill/tap that for you in a millisecond. im a bit far though.

does the compressor housing bolt on or do they use a big snap ring like my td04? id take off the compressor housing and then do it off the turbo to keep the metal chips away.

you running a single cam? magnum head? i thought you had a dohc…