Driving from Buffalo to Batavia/Leroy/roch tomorrow (4-24) am? Let's carpool!!!

Im meeting family there tomorrow, and my gf is already there. Figured it was worth a shot, save some cash, be able to have more than a few adult beverages tomorrow night, ect

I’m not creepy, and will give gas $

Pm me!

this thread makes me laugh.

That fact that I say I’m not creepy or just the general idea of the thread?! Lol it is super odd, figured someone on here may be going that way to visit family for Easter

I’ll go what’s for dinner?

Most likely spiral ham and all that good shit, but I don’t really know you soooo you’re not invited

Sorry it had to be this way

I’m not creepy…no just kidding…I am

Plus I hate Batavia.

Not the biggest fan of it either, but my family is all there (well, also in Florida and cape cod, but mostly blahtavia) so I’m out there quite often. Take my nana out to lunch and shit, she loves it

How old is she? She can keep my great grandmother company

she just turned 82. she enjoys playing bridge and drinking vodka on the rocks

My great grandma will be 96 this year, she enjoys drinking Chardonnay and watching movies on very large screens.

jam shoot me a text, i can take u depending on the time. i will not stay, i am just a driver…