Dyno Day Round 3 - Sunday July 31 - 10AM Start

I thought I had posted this already, but I guess not.

Max of 25 cars per event. The entrance fee will be only 35 bucks. First come, first served. This is the cheapest you’ll find for dyno pulls anywhere. Each car gets 2 runs to make their best numbers. 2WD cars/trucks only.

Categories and payouts based on 25 cars (will pay out based on fraction of cars run out of 25):
4 cyl NA high hp - $85
4 cyl power adder high hp - $85
6+ cyl NA high hp - $85
6+ cyl power adder high hp - $85

Rotary power adder would be in 6+ cyl power adder
Rotary NA would be in 4 cyl NA

Race gas is fair game in all classes as is water or alcohol injection. We will be selling 112 octane unleaded at the shop during the day.

The overall WHP king for the day gets an extra $15 to bring their payout to $100 or. The first runner up in each category gets 10% off their next dyno and/or tuning purchase (dyno days aside).

If it’s a nice day we’ll be doing all the pulls outside, same as last time.

Mike McGinnis
Innovative Tuning
2756 Transit Rd.
West Seneca, NY 14224-2523
Voice/Fax: (716) 674-2334

Alright, I will be out for this one.

I mean it this time. :lol:

:bsflag: You said you were running MCC :bsflag:

If my car is done :tup:

I’ll be there for the show and fumes… not like I have anything to run…

i’ll probably be there…

id my car is done ill be there, but i dont plan on winning again lol

MCC is on August 7th… :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont want to be in a comp

but i need some base numbers for my new ride…

So come out anyway… you think I’m running the Miata because it has a chance of winning? :lol:


i’ll be there, not lookin too great tho for the chances of the rx7 making it…

Why no 8cyl?

Read it again…

Someone asks this each time. It’s 6+ cyl. NA and 6+ cyl. power adder, as in 6 cylinders and up. The way I see it, once you get to six you can play with the v8’s and larger if you build your car right.

i shall have to attend

I might come watch for a bit

Damn, I’m glad a guy I work with just told me about this forum… I had no idea all this stuff was going on in my own back yard. I live like a mile from there so I might have to come watch, if not dyno my car to find out whether I gained or lost power from my oh-so-elegant Home Depot intake. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehehe, awesome! welcome to the forum, man!

too bad though, my car is not worth dyno-ing…ROTFL…

:poke: I guess it’s time to find out if my car makes any power.