dumb ass environment groups. yea i know i spelled the title wrong.

i know some people in the ELF haha.

now we got americans tring to burn down stuff what the fuck is next a civil war?

Eco people piss me off.

I hope the builders plow down more trees to rebuild just to show how the ELF foundation is full of morons.

People build expensive houses filled with random electronics and materials…set it on fire and burn all that stuff off into the earth…builders go make more and put it back into the house. What exactly did the solve here?

^ it sent many chemicals and various other things from a burning home into the atmosphere and made the construction company take more resources to build the same thing.

i say we send all those wackcos up to antartica and leave them there so when the ice caps melt (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN) the we can get rid of them in one fell swoop.

Fucking retards. They don’t know what they are fighting for.
I hope cops shoot them.

i hope they shoot themselves

I saw this today and thought the same thing. Bunch of spoiled kids looking for a cause to make themselves feel important. All they’ve done is hurt the environment and cost an insurance company some money. The houses will get rebuilt using all the same resources a 2nd time, and the publicity will only help them sell that much faster since now even more people will see them. Hell, looking at the picture of one of them on the news I thought, “wow, that’s a really sweet house”.

Lame. It’s not proving a thing.
But making pollution, putting peoples lives at risk when fighting the fire, and the houses will be built back up where they were.

They should go chain themselves to a tree and lose the key.

Sure the mansions are overkill, butno matter what, they will build them and people will buy them.

It’s like a scene right out of Atlas Shrugged. Fucking destroyers.

Ok. blame terrorists. sounds like a good excuse for a insurance claim to me.

im sure it has nothing to do with the housing market bottom falling off. that these million dollar homes were lit.

I think i want to move to washington. Eco terrorists or no.

im not doubting it could be a Eco attack. but shouldnt the finances of the developer be investigated?

i really cant stand the Uber developments that seem to be popping up everywhere now.


noone noticed this small detail

The sign — a sheet marked with spray paint

umm isn’t spray paint bad for the environment.

Or hack their website.


i actually thought the same thing when i read that. .

they should have used feces. its recyclable. and more appropriate for their actions.

vigra wtf?