Ecu tuning

Im looking for a place to get my ecu and car tuned, im putting quite alot of parts in my car some of which need tuning,

-bings intake manifold
-megan exhaust turbo manifold
-Turbo good for 500hp
-550 injectors
-Blitz front pipe
-de-cat pipe

Now i know i need tuning for the turbo and injectors is there anywhere i can send my ecu so they can tune it or any place in montreal?


what kind of ECU are you running or piggyback??

I do plenty of these.

What engine, obd1 or obd2, Ka, SR, CA, RB

What is the code on your ecu. should be a 23710-xxxxx or something similar.

its a 93 sr20det so im guessing its an obd1 maybe 2 not sure, ill look up the ecu code today and post it later

Hey Original Drift Master, how much for a KA-T ECU tune? I have stock MAFS, 370cc injectors and T25 turbo. And where is your shop located?