Eh this won't help gas prices

any relation to the explosions in Bata??

I can no longer find the others but there have been about a half a dozen of these around the world in the last couple months… probably just a coincidence though.

most of the really good videos of the Beirut explosion are also memory-holed. here’s a good one though:

found the indonesia one from March:

El Salvador form Dec, 2020:

Agbor, Lagos in Jan 2021

They got ransomware it’s not related to any of that lol

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i am just relating it to other infrastucture attacks.

i cant read the WSJ piece. who is it being attributed to?

No paywall: Cyber attack shuts down top U.S. fuel pipeline network

It’s early and this might change but right now it’s being attributed to the Darkside ransomware group out of Russia which is semi shielded by the Russian gov.

Their IT systems got ransomware it didn’t spread to OPs/pipeline network however they shut everything down to contain and remediate.

Ransomware has evolved in recent years at one time it was click link in email ransomware runs and infects connected systems…Now it’s humans breach a network and manually deploy it which has a greater impact and spread.

They also tend to steal thing and try go ransom those back or they release them.

oil refinery in Tehran on fire at the moment… probably just another odd coincidence though

WTF, A ship goes up in flames, now the oil refinery… Anything else want to go up in flames today that is Iranian?

I’m sure this will help our energy independence and security as well…

I think this is subtly Israel’s work. No proof other than they’ve said recently that they’ll act to defend themselves regardless of global consensus.

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That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

We don’t want to discuss meat prices in the US? :grinning:

Oh no.
The internet of things is so much better.

The meat packers must have missed their net 90 payment for the remote IT support or McAfee subscription.

Good thing deer season is coming up. Kill your own food, it’s way better.

are we gonna have a meat thread too? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like ransomware is going anywhere anytime soon…Someone found a way to make money hacking previously junk companies that didn’t store large amounts of data, credit cards, etc.

Oh and Kharg, biggest warship in Iran's navy, catches fire and sinks in the Gulf of Oman under unclear circumstances - CBS News