Elon Musk Thread


This podcast, in my opinion, is really groundbreaking for new media.

This is perhaps the most candid, long-form discussion with a CEO of a major publicly traded company EVER. Then you have, on top of that, the context of who Elon Musk really is in the current landscape. Tesla is unarguably a very significant and different kind of company. It probably does matter than they are successful.

Then you have Elon taking a toke off a blunt with Rogan.

Elon’s commentary on AI may ultimately be a significant historical record on the subject.

Overall, i’ve gone through the podcast 2 times already and will certainly be going over it again and again. I hope Elon makes this at least an annual occurrence.


He’s not really saying anything ground breaking on this. The significance is that he might be first person with a high-level voice to say it. The ideas, limitations, fears, etc of AI have been explored since the 70’s or maybe even earlier.


Yes but this interview is a time-stamped piece of evidence of him saying it, describing who he spoke to about it (Obama, Congress etc) and also commentary on how China is approaching things differently.

all this, as oppposed to a $40k / year subcontracted ‘journalist’ writing their take on what Elon said about all of the above as would be the norm.

in fact, the medias sensationalization of that 15 seconds of him taking a single toke off a blunt is really another testament to how useless the news really is.

it’ll be interesting when more and more interactions and opinions on material issues like this are available to us in the same way.


This. Also it was funny to note television personalities on CNBC & Fox Biz who referenced the clip saying “Elon smoked weed on TV”. They clearly didn’t bother to watch the original video / assumed that it was on the same medium as they were.


My brother works for Tesla and needless to say, a lot of employees suddenly felt comfortable with the company’s drug policy.


yes it is altogether quite humanizing.

i was in a lengthy exchange about Elon Musk today and was repeatedly told that Elon isnt that cool because he hasnt actually executed on his many promises. how frustrating is it to hear people who havent ever accomplished much of anything criticize a man like Elon?

If he hasn’t accomplished anything then who has?


I knew as soon as he hit that blunt I should have shorted Tesla.


All the normies are out, stock will go up.


I saw it take that dip and went ahead and bought some. Figured it was as good a time as any. Who really cares that he smoked a little, it matters not in the grand scheme.
This interview was crazy. I made my wife watch the AI clip and I am not sure she has slept well since. It really is different coming directly from the man who is on top of a large chunk of it. It gives a sort of chill when he says all the people he warned and talked with and none of them listened. Almost like he is protecting himself from the future he can foresee. “Told you so” so to speak.


yeah that AI chat was prescient.


Man, Dave Rubin is essentially my spirit animal. He feels exactly how i feel about all this.