is anyone on this site … tried to get on today and its down



i have never been and its in the usa today :gotme: you can only look at so much porn

ive heard of it. another social networking site afaik

ya its not to impressive. maybe because i am not in college anymore.

basically you just have a profile and you can update your status as you do stuff.

dumb …nm then

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as tweets) which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.


Matt is watching TV
Matt is hungry
Matt is brushing his teeth
Matt is getting ready for work
Matt is at work
Matt is still at work

There I just saved you the trouble.

I know I always thought it was stupid but it’s surprising how many people high up in companies use it. Anyone on here use Twitter(if so, who are you)?

I have an account…that’s not to say I actually use it.

It’s really catching on quite well though.

I use it. Clark (remember TheWhiteRabbit?) had a really good write up on it.

Twitter is like every other personal networking website…a fad…and another way to let everyone who doesn’t care know what you are doing.

I love Twitter for technology stuff…

It is what you make of it.

It can be a way to keep up with professional contacts.

You can network with friends and family.

You can get updates from companies on new products.

Hell, even Shaq is on twitter talking about his NBA Finals picks :lol: The twitter developers are implementing a solution to verify identites too.

I love twitter. I can follow web sites and blogs, friends with GPS location, and TO on the bills.

Its simple. I don’t care for facebook/myspace.

havent really been into twitter…

and boxxa, facebook was super simple/straight forward when it started too, everything evolves over time with more popularity :stuck_out_tongue:

same here… and it helps with the sales process for me :slight_smile:

I noticed most people who hate Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and such are industry’s that don’t revolve around technology.

yeah, but all companies can benefit from this stuff

Hell, my GF does marketing for a Health Care accredation company(even the name sounds boring!!). They are now making the push to post updates on Twitter, and build a linkedin page for their company.

Thats how I feel :tup:

I guess its just another nice link for market outreach business wise… but for personal reasons, I say GO OUTSIDE and enjoy what you’re doing, rather than focusing on letting everyone else know what you’re doing.