Social Media "Life Boats"

If you’re following happenings, there was a huge shakeup on Reddit yesterday. Whole communities were banned for rule violations… rules that were updated yesterday, but then retroactively enforced on old content. Similar events are happening on all corporate social media sites.

Whole online communities are moving to their own hosting platforms. The “win” network is being formed as a lifeboat for Reddit users. Some content is being saved, some simply abandoned. Individual users are losing all their followers and by extension any public voice they might have.

A few years ago I told my wife that if Facebook ever got too crazy (I abandoned it years ago but she still uses it) that we could setup a private section on this site for just our family to stay in contact with each other. More and more it’s looking like something we might do. Maybe we could offer that to long time members if you’re interested?

At what point do you guys bail on specific social media platforms… or all of it? Have you ever even considered it?

I bailed 4 years ago. Recently got back onto instagram and browse this forum, some buell forums and american weather.
I like your idea for private platform…you should figure out a way to capitalize on it.

Capitalizing isn’t a priority.

For our family it’s about a streamlined interface for communication without crazy ads, social mob pressures, privacy concerns, wildly changing rules, and terrible interfaces designed to maximize eyes-on-site.

I’ve unfollowed a ton on FB and pretty much just use it for organizing parties and FB memories (I half joke/half being serious that the #1 person I post on FB for is future me because FB memories is the only redeeming feature of that site). I have an Instagram account but I’m not terribly active on there.

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This is exactly how I am.

I moved almost exclusively to Instagram but even now, with the “Racial Justice Guides” that you can’t hide and the underage teens cross posting from tick tock in my “explore” section, I’m kind of getting over it.

Never use Twitter, I made one to bitch to Verizon FiOS Customer Support a few times.

Facebook is deleted from my phone and taken off bookmarks, I only use it for messenger for my weird friends that apparently don’t like actual texting and memories because at one point I enjoyed the platform and posted a lot.

I don’t have a Snapchat or TickTock because I’m not a high schooler and Reddit got uninstalled when I realized how bias everyone was and started to get frustrated the the littlest posts could spark an outrage…uninstalled.


I think we really need to examine this social media experiment that we were all unexpectedly volunteered to partake in.

I truly believe, without a shred of doubt in my mind, that social media is going to be the downfall of human existence. We’ve shared too much, become to invested in other’s opinions, and allowed the stupid to stand on a soapbox for too long.

Social media, in it’s most popular forms, needs to go away…for good.

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It has definitely given birth to the idea that any idiot needs to be listened to. It gave a voice to everyone, and unfortunately that quickly proved that a lot of people are far too stupid and naive to be given a megaphone capable of affecting societal change.

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The whole “if you’re silent on social media about X, then you’re perpetuating X” is mind numbing. And why would you be “friends” with anyone who calls out someone else for NOT expressing an opinion about X in the first place.

Looks like the .win network needs to try some SEO or google is de-prioritizing the website. I’m in agreement that social media has ruined the world in so many ways but there is always the flip side where it has helped out in many ways as well (e.g. helping find people).

I’m pretty astounded at how this world has changed seemingly so drastically from when I was a kid (80s child).

My bet is de-prioritizing. Someone showed a Facebook link to the site that FB was blocking in messenger. The hard part for them is going to be online organic growth. I’m sure word of mouth growth will still grow the site.

I read through a few posts on there and maybe it’s because I was never a redditor but it looks like the concept of moving to .win is pushing some of the people towards alt right rather than just right. Examples being people calling for treatment of Adam Savage in the same way Dems treated Kav without any push for due diligence. They’re specifically stating things like if Kav was treated under guilty until innocent then so is Adam.

I don’t believe stooping to those levels will be beneficial

Consider that Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals (which is the playbook for the left) says “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules .” This is how the left has been operating against the right for years without opposition… until Andrew Breitbart. Since then the right has been using Alinsky’s Rules back on the left. And actually winning at it.

If the goal is to point out hypocrisy, it certainly works. But beyond that undoubtedly there are “useful idiots” (as Vladimir Lenin might have called them) using these political tools without knowing what they’re doing or why.


i am not sure if there is any escaping it but i do think it’s worth fighting back.

they’ve essentially completely demonistized this site already and we’re still here years later.

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