What's left?

Who’s still here? Who posts? Who’s new and active? Who’s actually from the 518?

New admins? You guys ready to give this back to the 518?

My $15 offer stands.

I’m interested in this place as well, despite it being run into the ground.

I still check in from time to time.

great thread

I browse for all of the 5 minutes it takes me to check the 4 active threads

Same, lol. This place had an accident and died on impact…with the owners.

honesty social media is to blame but censorship is as well.

Lots of forums are struggling with the formation of groups on Facebook and the ease of picture exposure and instant gratification on instagram and twitter.

Lets face it most of us joined car forums for the praise and gratification we receive from fellow members. That comes easier and faster elsewhere now.

AS for the only other things that kept us in places like this it was the camaraderie and that here was censored, to no end and when that dried up so did this forum.

Also true.

Very few forums these days are used as knowledge bases. I’m a moderator on one which is still mostly to the point car/issues discussion as opposed to off the wall BS (I co-moderate the two M sections on NICOClub.com), but a lot of the other forums I’ve visited recently (for my bikes) are more or less just BS.

It also helps to have a host that isn’t offline every 15 minutes.

I check in once a month or so.

I’ll throw in another 15 with Rexford if i can get an add spot

It takes a village. Let’s do this.

Ill throw in a dollar and OG shift518 stickers that i found.

I still talk to people that i met from APG days. I wish that server and threads were still available.

I wasn’t around then, but I remember when this place had 10-15 new threads a day…now it’s one new post every 2 months lol.

WTF happened to this website? Is there any local car forum left?


K20powers left a long time ago I thought? Surely it wasn’t all his fault?

i think you guys have the wrong impression. also, curious to know about specific examples of censorship…

you guys can do pretty much whatever you want in here and if you want to be moderators in all the non-network sections that would probably be fine too.

I don’t think there is anything you can do man…this place was ‘anything goes’ for a LONG time. I think what drove people away was the whole change in how the site operated…meaning we see all the ‘network’ stuff. Because this site was no longer truly “518”, many people probably left and went to the forums for their specific cars/trucks/bikes, etc.

Also, the whole FB/Social Media thing brought up above is probably not helping.

So vlad sold the site? This place used to have an immense amount of traffic for a local forum. Thats why I cant believe its so dead. I recognize a few names but most of the threads must be something related to this network thing.