What's left?


most regional forums in general have slowed. same is true up here.

facebook is killing it though. for example our 240sx forum that is a part of this network used to be very busy but now the forum is very slow where as the FB group is one of the busiest 240sx groups in North America. so busy in fact that a lot of US guys join simply because of the traffic and jdm parts availability.

it makes sense that you guys feel like there is censorship or something like that but i would bet if any one or a couple guys met up with Josh ( @Onyx_Z32 ) or I you’d find that we don’t really care what you guys do on here so long as it isn’t going to get us in trouble. Josh gets out to your neck of the woods fairly often for work and if you guys ever trek to Buffalo to any of our events you’d probably find the community quite desirable with some serious cars.

but hey, in general forums are for 30+ year old dudes… any new blood goes automatically to facebook


I will never migrate to FB for stuff like this for the simple reason that forums offer archiving of data, etc. such as HowTo’s (maybe not here, but for example my Infiniti/Kawasaki forums).


I still check things out every now and then as well, but agreed- missing the ‘local content’ that use to stir the pot regularly.

In that case, what else?


Your Infiniti is a piece of SHIT!


I have a new one which will likely destroy whatever hooptie you’re driving these days (still the Cobalt?)


(I’m just playing, I don’t really care hah.)

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Hey @bing, quick question…can’t seem to add a URL to my sig. Not the right user group? Says I don’t have access to add [BB] code.


More than you can afford, pal.


Ferrari? Hah


Wasn’t that black Infiniti you had pretty new? Why’d you get another new one? Did it need four figure repairs or something?

(genuinely curious)


i believe @Onyx Z32 set up those permissions by group but i dont see why you wouldnt be able to do it… i’ll take a peek at it now but probably josh will know whats up.

*try now… you were in a regular user group which should have the ability to have a URL in your sig but i moved you into one set up for Shift dudes… maybe there is a difference



Had zero issues (no engine/tranny issues, no CEL’s, etc.) with it other than the fact that the sway bar end links kept going bad every 5-6k or so (I was on coilovers) even after ASS did a proper alignment, re-adjusted the suspension, etc. Also tried like 5 different brands of links, all failed, including OEM.

But that isn’t why I got rid of it. Started to get up in mileage. It was a 2007 that I picked up in May 2010 with 32kmi. Got rid of it in November when it had 141k on it.

I was at the dealer getting something done and test drove a 2011 M56x and the sales guy talked me into listening to his pitch. Low and behold, they actually didn’t lowball me on the trade-in and offered me fair value.

Thanks man!

EDIT: No go, sir.


@Ilya I see the link to your cardomain in your sig and it’s working for me :gotme:


That thing is ancient lol. I’m trying to replace that sig with a totally new one that has a link to my new car build log on another forum and a build log for my bike, also on another forum.


Send me a PM with the links and I’ll test it.

Sig linking is reserved for vendors and those in the special user groups, but @bing put you into the Shift one which should work so it must be a permission missing. I should be able to find it :tup:


Done, thanks guys.


Wow, those are a lot of miles. I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea to get a new stunna mobile after all




This website really used to be the shit man. As ricer as it is to say the Lot, Washington ave, leb valley and all the ruckus was a phenomenal time.