What's left?


Huevos rancheros.


This weather sucks. I’m putting my bike away in a week :(.


I’m looking forward to driving at Palmer w/ Patroon BMW in a couple weeks, hopefully there won’t be any snow. Anyone else going?


Bump. Bing is still a faggot and a shit search engine and this place is as dead as ever. Good job you canadian ******.

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Why can’t I say n i g g e r. Shift sucks.


lol. Seems that everyone is on FB now.


I hate FB and its layout. Forums is really the way to go overall. @Ilya


I agree @Vovchandr. I still primarily use forums for my car and bike stuff. Have started to use more FB but prefer forums.


Facebook is mind bleach. You login, click a few likes, see a few pictures, hardly have any discussion or interaction with another person then close the page and that’s it.

It is all forgotten, and you repeat with new material every day. Hardly anything crosses into the next day or you have any “threads” going. You’re not really connected to anything. Just throwing your ideas out there without caring if it sticks or not because it won’t matter tomorrow.

Not to mention all the data selling, tracking and other BS that Facebook has on you and your persona.

At least on Forums there is still some anonymity, you make what you want out of it, search function is great, there is useful information and everybody is there not because “you have to have it” but because you actually want to be part of that community.

Edit: Don’t get me wrong @Ilya I’m on Facebook almost daily now, but I hate it. Just another thing to kill/waste time while being productive. During the shift years I was barely on Facebook for anything.


Unfortunately, this place is beyond saving at this point. Other than the people who’ve posted in this thread, no one else comes here.


Not without A LOT of effort


People stop in and check things out and see how fuckin gay it is now and leave. The main core got pushed out due to changes in the dynamic here and had their own lives changing at the same time, and now that they’re gone they don’t give a shit. The same garbage goes on over on FB in nisky lot and even that toolbag David Currie’s group so it’s not like people suddenly got mature and want to have real discussions, everyone still wants to talk shit and bench race and call eachother faggots. You have to lure people back in somehow. Especially the new kids. tdiclub is fuckin busy as hell so don’t give me the forums are dead because of fb horseshit.

I still want to call ilya a faggot and it’s a lot more fun on here than it is on facebook. Same goes for you vlad.


stopping by because i ran out of internet today…i still use forums and reddit more than facebook. sort of depressing to see the most recent local posts here being 1-2 years old at this point.


You shut your mouth you!


Good one. Really got me. Queer.




Looks like you on the 250 you dumped.


Uhh, correction, 300 thank you very much.

lol. I miss that little bike…it was fun in its own way.


Thats because flat out speed isn’t the only way for a bike to be fun. Love ripping on my Grom


Yep. I’m much happier taking my 636 out in the sticks and doing 50mph in the corners than I am on the highway doing 100+.


I wasn’t making fun of the bike.