What's left?




Bans for all!


Will neg when I can.


You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.

If the new owners want to do anything positive for this place get rid of this fucking rep limit.




Shortest KK post ever. Times have changed.


Here to neg vlad


Will plus rep everyone that posts they’re here to neg vlad and or ilya.

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when I can lol


Thats all you’ve managed to get to neg me? 4 people?

You could do better


I’ve done a better job of getting people to post, plus/neg rep, and at least visit the site than anyone else has done in two years.

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There’s so much potential here that’s being wasted. None of the old crowd is going to come here while these nyspeed guys are running the show, they dickered the fuck out of everything when they moved it to the new server anyways. If someone local had this place back again then at least people could stop in here once in a while. It’ll never be what it was without some sort of facebook integration or some fancy app way better than tapatalk comes along, but at least people would log in once in a while and see what’s going on.

Way to go Vlad.


Could easily run this place but you douches don’t deserve my effort :).


@capitalcrew Way to go you and other members.

You said I’m the problem. You said you don’t know what I’m doing…

so I left. Have at it. Biggest problem on the site is gone! No more commie. No more dictator. No more bans.



You weren’t the problem, your convoluted vision of what the site was and could become was the problem. I’ll never forget you comparing shift to CR.net when they sold it. I understand where you’re coming from, there’s times I build websites and go “man that looks fuckin tits” then i see it again six months later and go “shit that looks like a rotten asshole on a summer day”. When it’s your baby you’re looking at it is easy to have a skewed perspective. You wanted to turn this place into some PC yuppy dogooder hangout for the 518 automotive community, but does anyone really WANT that? No. Who the fuck cares about that garbage. That’s why nisky lot is so popular, it’s a shit show, just like shift used to be.

You’re a cool dude Vlad, I like you even though I’ve only met you a couple times. I realize that’s not at all relevant, but I don’t want you to think that everyone was EVER attacking you personally (except maybe brett lol) but man, you just tried too hard to calm this place down. You walked into the neighborhood bar and put white linens on the tables and took out the pool table. Everyone got pissed and gave you shit about it, then you sold it and everyone stopped coming around because it wasn’t the same anymore.

Shit happens though, that’s life. Hope things are good for ya bud, if you still have the carbon hardtop and decide to sell it you know how to get ahold of me

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Ilya, congrats you twat you can buy a hosting account and use the automatic installer to stick vbulletin in it point the domain and maybe even import the database. Everyone’s impressed. :clap:


Probably the most genuine feedback I’ve heard in a long time. If people talked like that instead of the typical rhetoric shift might have still been around.

a few points I’d like to say from my perspective

it wouldn’t take me long to go through a few threads in the last active years to find quotes from people in regards to myself, the site how it’s run and how I am indeed the problem. Brett personally threatening me and getting involved at my personal life at my place of work at the time cause he worked for the same company over literally nothing and people backed him up. I recently came across that tread and got reminded what a shit show that was. Biggest ball buster and asshole on the site all the sudden turned into the biggest PC pussy once things got even a little bit personal. Hypocrisy is delicious. Besides that incident Wayne personally hates me and doesn’t hesitate to talk shit about me, haven’t spoken to Singh in years now and there are plenty of other people that love nothing more than say something negative as soon as they hear my name or shift to this day. Why? Why do I need that? Does that really make you want to go back and work on something? Does it make you want to cater to these people? I owed them nothing. Even if they didn’t like the site, me or the way rules were, there was no reason for them to keep coming back, but they did. And their friends did, came back just to keep repeating ad nauseum that I’m wrong and I’m the bad guy for wanting things the way I wanted. Pjb is still a tool who argues that the site was worth nothing regardless of the fact that he’s obviously wrong. But god forbid he lets facts go to his head.

You might be reading too much into the cr comment when I said it. All I was arguing is back then again people telling me that I build trash and it was worth nothing and what I was doing was easy. Sigh all that constant arguing.

Sure niakylot is successful to the whatever degree you want to define that shit show but I don’t go on there. I don’t waste my time in that environment. If shift was going to be that it wasn’t going to be under me. Not my cup of tea. Ironically you don’t see me going there daily telling deckers to go fuck themselves and that the place is trash, like people did to me. Plus nobody flips out over them moderating either.

There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that weren’t shown to the public but they all lead to one result, me leaving and members doing whatever they wanted. Finally solving that problem of the commie nazi being around.

Well here it is. I’m gone. Yay


Hahaha. Speak for yourself. Some of us who actually work in IT are far smarter than you :wink:


Okay buddy. You’re well versed on my career and education background of course.


Oh, my bad. I didn’t know you knew everything about me.

See how that works, buddy?


Real life is boring. The forum needs to be revived ASAP.


Aren’t you part of Nisky Lot? There is plenty of activity and lulz to be had over there.


Fuck no. Nisky Lot is for the Plebes.