what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


Dead as fuck, nothing entertaining. And a bunch of user names I have never seen all with decent post counts. Is it just me?


Nah some Canucks bought it and fucked it up.


That sucks. It seems they ruined the site.


that was the intent actually… mostly because you suck at hockey and produce inferior maple syrup


I actually like the new format now. It’s nice to see some build threads that are keeping up to date, it’s also nice to see some very talented builders


It’s great to be able to check out new builds and see what people have going on… I was already a member of nyspeed and could have seen this stuff any time though. Shift was something different. It was struggling but I’m pretty sure this will be the nail in the coffin


@capitalcrew, i’m really hoping you leave actually. you’re being unnecessarily negative and antagonistic. speculating aloud on the demise of the forum is a really juvenile way of dealing with this. thankfully there are others who are being more supportive of the developments. There are people trying really hard to make progress with this and many others who stand to benefit should all go well; yourself included.

if there is anything i can do to help you GTFO our make your life altogether more unpleasant please let me know so that i can do it.


:rofl okay buddy. Sorry my realistic observation hurt your feelings

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Even the smiley faces are fucked up. :lol solid work.

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The rep is fucked, the faces are fucked up, tapatalk is apparently still fucked up, all of this smoke you’ve blown up everyone’s ass about having more traffic is just that, bullshit. Yeah there are build threads being posted in but shift members are posting less and less. Any of us could have logged into ny speed any time if we wanted the shit you’re selling but hey, here it is.

Your ads are running at least. Well done.

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        @bing doesn’t even work on my phone, otherwise I’d tag you and let you know you’re a faggot.
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Oh hey look at that. It does. You’ve got two things right.

This whole adding consecutive posts thing is pretty neat too. Fag.


do you really think you hurt my feelings?


Sure sounds like it bub. You’ve been stalking my posts (I think, is hard to tell since there are so few lately… Guess it’s hard to miss any) and editing them when I call you a faggot. It must be bothering you on some level.

To be honest I truly don’t give a shit. I’d rather see shift turn into something again even if you’re donut hole of a mouth is at the wheel. I’m not here trying to troll you. I’m here letting you know that so far what you’ve done is shit and you’re losing members.

It was going downhill and is even more so now. The only fucking entertaining thing going on here is me calling you gay and jdaniels almost being a scammer.

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Ignore the bad grammar. My phone is a retard.

Maybe we’ll team up @bing. Some shit talking is just what this place needs. Oh ps. Fuck you


do you matter?

like should you be taken seriously? because i’m basically the opposite of a faggot and i mean that not because of my ability to pull women but because i’m quite sure that you’re going to fall in love with me.

but before this goes any further i require that you complete this form: Internet Debate Form

maybe you’re not a total idiot but you really appear to be and i just want to make sure i’m not wasting my time here.


everybody hated vlad, so nobody posted anymore.

everybody hates the new owners because they are new and what the members wanted but the members would rather complain because thats how you be an internet tough guy and not say hey lets give it a chance.

thats why you see new usernames with a lot of posts and no activity, cause the average member of shift is childish and ignorant.




I check this site a few times a day but lately don’t have anything to post. Im not buying anything from Buffalo so its kinda pointless.


Happy birthday pjb


Rep can be rebuilt, it’s all still saved. It doesn’t prevent people from posting though.

Smiles are there they just need two colons. One colon before and one after. For some reason Shift was setup to use a single colon which goes against the default vB smile code. Again, this doesn’t stop people from posting.

This is the first anyone’s said about tapatalk not working. But we need more details other than it’s “fucked.”


yes this is the part i miss. childish shenanigans to read and laugh about while sitting at work.


Plus rep.

Onyx, I don’t have anything against any of you (except @bing he’s a faggot) but saying it’s all still there and having it actually be there and working are two different things. Get it fixed, maybe switch the single colon on again.

You say that stuff isn’t keeping anyone from posting but the most activity there was recently was that homo @sbardy going on a neg rep run. The trivial shit made shift what it was. Change for improvement is great. Change just because you guys haven’t fixed it or “well… It’s default” is just stupid.


I guess i’m the only person who appreciates this actually getting back to an automotive forum? the childish shit is fun and entertaining while i sit here at work but it’s all been bs with zero content for a long time now and I guess the older I get the less I care for it.

Anyone who asks a automotive question on here typically gets 1 of two things. 1-incorrect answers or 2-They get run off the site

I am convinced that there are more people on here who have never touched a wrench than those who actually do their own work. There are people who have others build their cars and that’s cool with me but what i’m saying is that there are more people on here that don’t do anything to their car yet come on here to try to rip others apart for what they are actually accomplishing with their time, money and skills.

There are several people on the original shift who have nice builds and do quality work yet never post because of this. I hope to see these people come back and start some build threads to show off their work.

it’s nice to see other people from across the state actually building cars instead of posting bullshit and calling people faggots all day long. I guess it’s just me and my old age

KK rant over


I originally came here because its an automotive forum, i stuck around because of the tomfoolery that helped pass the time at work. I have completely outgrown the car scene and have zero interest in it, but I think the crowd from the good old days was 1-of-a-kind and very entertaining. So thats my reason for starting this thread…