what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


Here’s what I get when I try to use tapatalk


Jake, the point I’m trying to make is the some amount of fuck goofery is necessary for shift to be shift. I have nothing against the builds, I’ve read a few of the new ones, Dave’s build has always been awesome to me too but the problem comes with offbeat and all of the other sections that are actually shift rather than shared forums are deader than ever. In which case, why not just make it all one big forum?

Ignore all of the builds and stuff for sale in Buffalo and look at how much of shift is left. None. I’d like to see (as would others as well) shift be as active as the universal build section at least.


yeah I hear ya, but shifts been dead since before it was sold. The haydays were great but that was 3 years ago at best and there hasn’t been that kind of tomfoolerly in a very long time


i def dig the new layout and agree with jake on this become more of a automotive site and less of a goof off shit hole… start your own site or facebook page for that and invite the regulars that used to post… like mancave518 or albanyunderground i think is still up just dead as fuuuuccckkk


I always viewed this place as kind of an online professional wrestling promotion. There were interesting characters, drama-filled storylines, very few women, lots of people flexing muscles, some steroids, lots of talk and a modicum of action. I’ve found great value in the technical knowledge and expertise of some members and inspiration in the talent and work ethic of others, admittedly without ever contributing much besides the occasional wiseass comment. That, and I bought some cars here, and have shown off some of my vehicular disasters.

More than anything, though, I’ve checked in a few times per day on my phone because it’s been entertaining in some small way to see people interact connected (however loosely) around the topic of cars. The tomfoolery, the callouts, moobs on a windshield…all of it was entertaining. And for a whole bunch of reasons, it’s dried up of late, and whatever existed is gone forever. But it sure would be nice if something grew to take its place, and the new owners seem to want to make that happen.

Whatever your thoughts on Vlad were, he did do a lot of work to promote the site and make it a real part of the automotive hobby in the area. If the new site owners put in the effort, maybe it will be again.




I never considered this site to be a serious automotive site. Really its always been the online equivalent to hanging out with a bunch of friends.


Almost like a birthday party that never ended… amiryt pjb?


fuck this shit…everyone back to friendster.


at my age I don’t do birthday parties.


In for the free post, but all jokes a side it is like a totally different place. Granted it used to thrive on negativity, but at least there were lulz to be had. Oh well… Damn even the smilies are gone?


Just hot wheels cars. :lol


I like the new format.

Hate the classified ads from 5 hours away showing up in my “new posts”


The forums are a death spiral or a trending fad. As we go through winter and there is little automotive activity outside the forum, there isn’t a lot of substance to post, since there is not a lot of substance to post the number of people signing on to read posts decreases, and as those numbers of people signing on decrease, so do the chances that someone posts anything of substance…

Not really anything that changing the format or ownership can fix. Perhaps we will see some change with warmer weather.


yeah, I do those. I just bought one on my way home tonight.




I am a car guy and go to car websites to see car builds and car talk. I hate drama and I am not a big post whore because if I cannot add any positive feedback or at least learn something from a subject I usually skip over it and stay out of the conversation. I personally like the new board and have already read some awesome builds and threads here!

What geographic area does this site actually cover now? I know Buffalo area, but I thought I saw cars down south too?


The global build section is a nice add on but honestly thats about it. Like the others said the banners and classifieds for Buffalo are very annoying and the general lack of activity makes this forum fairly pointless.


The “network wide” sections; builds, network general automotive, and network for sale sections are shared with forums in Pittsburg, Buffalo/rochester, and ontario.

Everything else is just 518 area like it always has been.


This isn’t exactly correct.

There are plenty of classifieds posts from Rochester and Syracuse in there as well. There were less from Albany before Shift was brought in, but they were there too. People browse from all over the state.

Same goes for the banners. STM certainly isn’t in Buffalo. Maximal is closer to Syracuse / PA. Innovative travels all over the state to tune; Long Island, NYC, etc.

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Thanks man. @tpgsr knows that there is a recent update for Tapatalk out there that we need to implement.