what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


I will fix tapatalk asap. I got an email about an update but it failed to mention that without it the boards wouldn’t work… oddly enough I was using it today so it may be an isolated thing but I will reinstall regardless.


[QUOTE=Onyx Z32;4589514]This isn’t exactly correct.

There are plenty of classifieds posts from Rochester and Syracuse in there as well. There were less from Albany before Shift was brought in, but they were there too. People browse from all over the state.

Same goes for the banners. STM certainly isn’t in Buffalo. Maximal is closer to Syracuse / PA. Innovative travels all over the state to tune; Long Island, NYC, etc.

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        Ok but that’s really spliting hairs. The whole point of this forum was for stuff centered around the capital region where the majority of the member base is. If I want to look at state wide classifieds I would get on C list. I’m not trying to be overly critical as I would like to see this forum come back to the activity level it used to have. However I really don’t see that happening the majority of the former member base have little to no interest in cars any more so this site was really just a social gathering space. That all went away a while ago when certain changes in the way the forum was moderated were made. Anyway if resources were unlimited I would suggest some regional F/S boards. I can’t speak for other members here but I don’t have any interest in seeing F/S threads from 2-3 hours away. Good luck with all the changes


Point taken.

Before we brought in the larger classifieds section we watched Shift’s regional section for a few months. There was little activity in there to begin with. If you want, scroll through and you’ll see for yourself. (None of the Shift threads have a prefix.) I think there was MAYBE 1 car posted per month.

It’s somewhat of a catch-22: Shift’s classifieds were not very active because there wasn’t as much traffic to post, see and sell an item. But now there is a lot of traffic and some people are thinking that’s worse than before.

We’ll see. If someone really feels they’re having a harder time selling an item now that they were a month ago, let us know. A solution might be a Shift / Albany-specific thread prefix so those stand out.




We’re going to have some Shift stickers made and I really want to design one with a goat in it somehow…

I’ve already added one goat to this forum. Can anyone find it?




You definitely fixed a lot of complaints people had with me, including “getting rid” of me lol

Now they just found new things to complain about…

I’m sure a few strong arguments can stir the pot a bit too…


You weren’t the problem vlad. You’re a cool dude. You just over moderated and killed the traffic whole trying to draw in new traffic. Now we’re here.

Thanks Obama.


Took the words right out of my mouth. Exactly what I said in the mod area discussing the “inactivity” here.

Indy also hit the nail too. All the OG’s here who still post, even very little I consider the 2nd and 3rd group I mentioned above. Even though we dont have time for cars in our lives we still enjoy them, and more importantly the crowd. We can have tomfoolery still, but in a way like CapCrew is doing… hes going off but actually has relevance to his posts, alot actually. The name calling is just comical, to rile people up a bit. I accept it because it is brash but has relevance, old retarded posts just running around typing faggot, and clicking post doesn’t have any relevance and is a waste of space.

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And yes, Vlad BUSTED HIS ASS for literally hundreds of people. HE for the most part was why friends were made friends though car stuff. The people who went against him did so blindly in my opinion, they followed the crowd of nonsensicle reasoning. The people I respect here, understood vlad’s efforts, and his minor mistakes here and there and accepted it. Vlad was NOT part of the problem he was trying his damndest to provide solutions, its the members who couldnt accept that who were the real problem.


Shift isn’t the first car forum to go through a split between those who are automotive-minded and those who are not. It’s very common and usually happens in 4 year cycles. The largest I can think of was the honda-acura or hondatech split (I can’t remember which) that split off offtopic.net. Every forum I’ve ever been on has been though this.

But a forum is what you make of it. As I’ve said, our focus from a site management standpoint is automotive but we’re certainly not going to tell you what to post.

If there is something you guys think we can do to encourage those members with great automotive content like @Corey_Maurer to come back and contribute let us know :tup:


I’m going to throw up


This should help. But be aware, it makes your turds a really weird color so dont be alarmed.



Well… This has got to be the most knit picking bunch of teenaged bull shit I have ever heard…What is wrong with having posts from Buffalo or any where else if it helps you with the problem at hand…As far as I’m not driving 2-3 hours to get something I want is just plain Bull Shit…If you want something like a certain car or part and someone in Buffalo has it… Fuck yeah I’ll go get it…I bought a car in Arizona for crying out loud…The capital district thats a laugh and a half…Everybody thinks there shit is gold plated or something and in reality it is a piece of shit… Now everyone chime in and tell me I’m wrong and a faggot…I’ll take it like a man something most here Aren’t…And that is why this site is what it is…Stay in school and learn something get your homework done and see if mommy has got dinner ready for you…What a bunch of fucking babies…Grow the fuck up…


I drove to PA for a transmission for my old car.

The issue here is this is supposed to be a capital district site, not an Albany/Buffalo/Syracuse/Canada site. Its core base is the capital district.


They made the site better/actually useful. Get over it


I know that I am on the “other side” of this, but the biggest question I usually ask is when was the last time the Admins asked for your input then worked hard to implement it?


How is it not? 3 networked subforums and now its no longer local?


whoa… don’t bring logic into this guys. this is the internet; fuck off with logic.

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