Hi, I’m Josh’s partner in crime with all the forum stuffs.

Just thought i’d sign up and check things out.

If you have bad things to say please pm them to me so that i can care twice. :wink:

car forums are fun… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Honestly, no reason to overreact. Things could be a lot worse. Internet Brands, Verticalscope or some other forum consolidator could have taken over and flooded you with banner ads and phony traffic. It happens all the time. Now all you have to deal with is the occasional forum hack and DDos attack.

We’re just a bunch of dudes that try to keep forums alive for our own pleasure. you’ll find that we way under-monetize things and are in general are just car dudes who like the forum format, host the occasional meet and don’t get too dramatic about stuff.

I’m looking forward to arguing on the internet with you all.

well I guess a Canadian is better than a commie from Mother Russia.

Hopefully you wont ban people for disagreeing with you and/or having an opinion.

nah, i havent had to pull out the ban-stick since the 20th century.

i highly doubt you’ll see that sort of thing happen. if i recall, when dudes got all gay in a prior merge they were just restricted to their existing forum and had limited access to the other forums but that was after some pretty excessive stuff.

this place seems pretty rad so far.

moreover, most people don’t cross the forums too much; save for some posting in the network sections.

with that said, it will probably be a while for the merge anyways so this forum will just stay as is

and just so you know its not a serious forum, sorry if it was sold to you that way.

How we are on here is how we are outside of the forum.

Good. We are not serious people.

go to and you can see how we operate. It is pretty loose and quite member centric. The mods don’t do much, and the admins do even less save improving the boards and adding features.

damnit, i’m solely here for the profit… and fresh porn content… is there porn here?

some but most of the links are broken now.

I don’t remember if I was on Nyspeed or not.

The porn here is a mixed bag. Half of it sucks, the other half is awesome.

i was sort of kidding but since we’re talking about it… i’m a Jenna Haze / Samantha Saint kind of guy. :wink:

Def Jenna haze and when I need a fatty fix brandy Taylor

I was in Vegas for SEMA and Teagan Presly was performing on the Thursday at one of the strip clubs we were at a few days prior… i should have gone back for an… autograph?

gonna ddos the shit out of this site now

you say you’re from canada but i haven’t seen you say sorry yet. i call shenanigans.


Thanks for keeping americas head warm.

Welcome to shift

you could just be a vermonter pretending to be canadian…

oh so we hate people from Vermont?

i’m game.

never said i hate either. just stereotype both.

loonies and shit