what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


because they provided you with a new audience that doesn’t think youre a complete tool?

Im just not seeing the point of it. We need to get back to the way shift was in '08/09 and not just slowly kill it off with a takeover like this. Its like Craigslist suddenly becoming three different areas in one search instead of just the Albany area. Tons of crap you don’t want to see when looking for something.


With posts like that we’ll get there pjb. We’ll get there. :rofl


For the record I am not a canadian. Also bing, aren’t Canadians supposed to be all happy and nice?


Hahahaha this is what made the old shift fun. Place fucking blows now.


you mean because of our free healthcare, so few school yard massacres and virtually no terrorism? yes we’re a happy bunch.

besides, i’m being nicer than capitalfaggotface deserves; especially since he refused to fill out that survey. I can only assume because he would have failed it on account of megafaggery, or worse yet, a poor sense of fashion. i heard he likes miatas.


I think Miatas are great and you’re still gayer than me.


OMG that guy who doesnt even build cars called a guy he doesnt know who actually does work on his car a tool… thats SO funny… OG SHIFT518 FTW… grow up.


To be fair building or not building cars doesn’t affect someone’s ability to recognize a tool… Nor does it exempt someone from being one.

Hey @bing, faggot.


On a car forum… why would you be here if you dont do anything car related but run your mouth about others? Dont make much sense, does it?


What does that have to do with whether or not you’re a tool? You lost me.


No surprise there, I will just stick to the part of the forum I can moderate and let you boys cry about your trolling website getting ruined and semi legitimized…


this is awesome because i can no longer tell what side of the arguement we’re all on. i also suspect it is exactly this kind of conversation that you guys are longing for so welcome home all :slight_smile:

@capitalfaggotpoo, miatas ARE cool… and it’s because you like miatas that i am certain you are going to develop a strong male crush on me. i look forward to turning away your awkward advances.


the truth is we thought you were a fucking tool when the site was good and still do regardless if people 300+ miles away don’t think so quite yet.


How can you complain about the classifieds? If you’re selling something it gets more exposure, which is a good thing. Also with a wider range of territory you can find more deals, which is a good thing.

Just because something is for sale in buffalo doesn’t stop you from NOT buying it, but if a guy from buffalo wants to buy your stuff are you going to tell him no?


Its annoying because unless you recognize the name, there’s no way to tell if its local when viewing the new posts feed.

maybe make a requirement to put location in the title?


I might be able to make that happen… In the body of the ad form it asks for a location, I should be able to regurgitate that data into the search results table aka new posts


Or make what’s new show all global posts and new posts show local posts.

Obviously I should be running this dump.

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Fuck, I forgot. @bing you’re the gayest boy in town.


Ok let’s simplify this ! What would make all the og faggots happy ? I do miss the days where we made fun of people and had my titties slapped against someone’s car but it’s obv over and no one has anymore pix of my titties to post ! So go gargle a sausage homos


We all miss those days but i doubt it’ll ever be the same…theres maybe a dozen of us left that still post, and now that, that faggot vlads back this place really blows cock


Plus rep