what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


don’t be so incognito @capitalfggtbreathe


This is giving me a headache,Its like a bunch of school girls on the playground…Man up and get over it seriously…

  • rep. lol

the tech shit can reach out to fucking africa for all we care. Offbeat as well. Build threads the more the better… all we are saying is some of the OG’s from shift, from albany +/-20 mins ddrive who have been on 3+ generations of this forum, for the past 10-15+ years would like some of OUR 518 content left as OUR 518 content. thats all. The Failvis, Racehatchsisterfucker, mustang kid from g-ville that killed his friend after putting his car into a house at 100+ then their family came her defending him, etc… all those EPIC threads all the OG’s from here had a PERSONAL connection to… something people from 50+ miles away know NOTHING about. Its like our Shift518 stamp on history if you will. We are all trying to find a happy medium here thats all.

And if wayne was here be would be in your boat about if you want something, drive and get it. Fucker bought a viper 1000 miles away and drove it back, buy detroit engines just to take up 6’X6’ worth of floor space hundreds of miles away, hell he bought a damn big rid to park on the lawn to look at! LOOOL I just bought 8 industrial Quincey air compressors a ways away myself last week. BUT, again the shift classifieds are tits for this reason. Most members know eachother, if they dont they meet for the first time usually buying/trading parts and shit. Again all point of the “its OUR section”. I buy a header from JoeBob and we meet up 15 mins from eachother, nice to meet you finally, hope to see ya around. Next week you run into eachother at the mall, instant BFF’s. lol We also know eachother, and watch eachothers backs in there so people dont get screwed or out of line on shady shit sales. Not something you will see happen on CL or even a NYS wide for sale section somewhere.


this thread is keeping me mildly entertained…i have seen a lot of people leave shift in the short time i have been active on here and from the looks of it either this will kill shift on a local level completely or everyone from the “pre-merger shift” will leave and a new generation will sign up and participate in the global forum crap.


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Bullshit. No one ever actually leaves shift


met a bunch of friends on shift. became alot closer to some people i already knew after going on shift. Loveforboost is gay. leos mom is hot.


Frankly I have been around this board for a few months and I seriously want to drive to Albany and buy all of you assholes a beer just to put faces to posts. This place has the same community that we have on other boards and we in no way want to fuck that up. That said when we getting beers?


Whenever you drive out and buy them. Faggot.


if he actually does that we’re making you drink a beer and I don’t mean root beer


There are still locals on Shift?

The new stuff is nice, but I too am not a big fan of shift 518 becoming shift 518 and everywhere else in NY. I pretty much stopped visiting shift after the change happened. Tell me I’m old school and I’m crying. IDGAF. I agree thou, shit needs to be separated somehow. I’m not a fan of this. Searching through posts to find something local, event wise or builds. Ok, KKK rant over. (KKK is the man, just busting ya)


There have been 66 registered users who have viewed this thread. 63 of them are Shift local users, not from anywhere else. I’d say there are quite a few people still here. (mods, you can view these users at the bottom of this thread. Regular users can’t see it.)

Take a look at the ‘Forum’ page. All the old forums are still there and separate except for classifieds. We added ‘Builds’ and ‘Net-Wide’ Auto / OT.

We can pull ‘Net-Wide’ Auto / OT easily if you guys don’t want the content or engagement with active users. But unless some of the 63 people who have read this thread actually contribute to Shift it will continue to be…


Apparently you did take that as being sarcastic. Of course most users seeing this thread are from the shift side. We are discussing how crazy this got. I’m just wondering if there is a way to filter out just shift “new posts”. Then go beyond our local forum if we wanted to the whole “network” of forums.


OK, and on Ilyas “noisy front end” thread on the network wide it hit 53 views, 6 of which were shift guys.

which kind of proves the point that Shift518 members stick together and want to be segregated a bit if you will. If he posted it on the shift automotive section, Slowmaro, Twomanycamaros, me, and a few others that work in shops, and the 20+ people active on this thread alone who ACTUALLY DO WORK ON CARS would have commented back. In that thead over there it got 54 hits and like 4 people commented on topic but got pretty much nowhere.

Over here it would have been blasted with off topic lul’s, sure, but i put money on alot of the on topic stuff would have helped him out a ton.

all im sayin is, if you want activity on this site, open the flood gates back up to the OG’s. UN-ban the old timers, MK430, TDIpete, etc, hell reach out to them and ask them to come back… but give them a reason to. who knows. This place flourished years ago, even without alot of guys building cars all the time. events, g2g’s, retarded shit going on to talk/bitch about… that was what made this place tick. I am sure there are Failvis’ out in Buffalo, but idgaf since i probably wont interact with them.


That thread had the same exposure here as it did over there. Over there the folks chimed in and tried to help. What prevented you a shop owner and all the other people in this thread you claim would be posting from posting and helping? Does it really matter that other people that are not from Albany were posting in it? I have agreed with a lot of what you have said in the past, but this one is really reaching.


Not correct. He DID post it on Shift’s automotive section originally where it got only a few views from Shift users and zero responses. So @tpgsr moved the thread to net-wide and it’s been active since.

As a mod you can see the audit trail, use ‘edit thread’ and you’ll see when the thread was moved from Shift to net-wide.


That ain’t happenin pjbizzle.


@KrazyKid didn’t know the thread started on Shift to begin with, so he didn’t know his post wouldn’t make sense. It’s no big deal.


bingo, i never saw it under our section, ill check to see how long it was there.

If it was there for a while, i probably didnt see it since half the time new threads/posts arent bold for me anymore. its been flaky for me, but it probably has to do with my machine at work sucks.

it sat there for from what i can see it was on the shift side for 12 hrs. 03-10-2014 09:51 PM then moved at 09:41, 11th Mar 2014

assuming 09:41 means 24:00 time since there is no am/pm.


Let us know who should be here, you guys know them better that we do. Get a list going in the mod section and we’ll welcome them back :tup: