what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


Unfortunately most of them probably won’t come back. Some of them stopped in once in a while but most of those guys are gone for good. Give it a shot though. Would be the coolest thing you’ve done yet.


Cooler than starting yours and Bings bromance?


He’s a faggot and I don’t know why he keeps sending me PMs asking to blow me. It’s getting fucking weird though.


none of those people i mentioned saw it! lol I personally dont look around the network wide stuff that much not becasue of intrest but becasue of im busy doing other stuff all day.(other than discussing this thread) Unless the stats are wiped on moves, none of the shift knowitalls viewed it, meaning they too dont look over on the network wide sections either.

The problem is you guys are looking at the content exposure from being across the state ONCE the content is published. We are looking at it the opposite. We want to publish OUR shit to US, and dont really care what the rest of the state is doing, most of the time. Hell alot of the times posting “halp meee” threads like he did on shift put new buddies together in a grage with a case of beers to figure it out, hense the close circle we call Shift518.

We all have access to craigslist if I want to buy something 5 hours away. Im torn on the tech/automotive thing now that this came up now.

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ill add it to my todo list, ONCE this site is stabilized and back on track. Again, its like selling a used car… you can ask people to come look till the cows come home, but selling it to them you need substance.


Then do it, nothing is stopping anyone form publishing content on Shift. And no one else sees it except for Shift users (Ilya’s thread for example, before it was moved to net-wide.)

Shift’s activity was low before any of the net-wide forums were added so you can’t say that it’s low right now because of net-wide. If anything there is more now for people to read and keep them here. We’re simply trying something new to engage people, increase time-on-site and get people posting again.

Shift isn’t going to grow if you want things back the way they were a few months ago.


this is what im talking about… the bold stuff i havent seen yet, as it should be. the regular looking stuff i never clicked on yet.

and it seems like the picture uploader is busted for me…


that image is 111kb

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I agree 100%

I never once said it was low RIGHT NOW BECAUSE… anything. I realized it was low about 15 months ago! lol Its low becuase it wasnt what it was 3+ years ago when it was high. Thats why people are commenting how they are here, so it stands a chance at improving.

“If anything there is more now for people to read and keep them here. We’re simply trying something new to engage people, increase time-on-site and get people posting again.” is the problem. no offense to you or anyone over there. You approached it as a business standpoint if you will, again NO fault at all im not saying thats a bad thing, im simply stating that your looking at it from the other side of the coin. If it stretched to africa tomorrow and CAN now reach 100000000 people, sure statisticly it will get some more hits, but it wont be SHIFT anymore.

And no, if it goes back to how it was a few months ago, hell no it wont grow. it needs to go back YEARS.


Once you went to vb4 it all went to hell. Fucking Canucks


Krazy, I understand what you are saying…That 518 was like a big family and alot have made good friends here and would give you the shirt off there back for them…That is a great feeling…To know someone has got your back…And now a bunch of Canuuks and Love Canal rejects are on our site which is for 518 area code people and not 315,613,585 or some other fucking number…But suppose your sister or daughter, falls in love with some asshole that you cant stand, and then marries him even though you try like hell to stop her…You have got to suck it up and just get along with that asshole every time the family gets together…And you just keep praying that they get divorced or worse…And the hardest part is you know she can do better by far but because you love her you just make it work… This is like the same thing…Just respond to the ones that are your friends with… Sooner or later they will just stop using the site and it will be back to SHIFT 518 and only Albany area people will be on it again…I really dont see the big problem here other then we are from 2 different worlds and they no nothing about the hot topics in our area or anything else because of the toxins that are in there bodies…Lol:fu:…Bill


Who the fuck are you again?




@tpgsr - take a look at KrazyKid’s upload error. That’s odd.

OK, so we can all agree that where Shift was a few months ago things were not working. And we obviously can’t turn back the clock to years ago.

So what can we do? Give us some suggestions.

Inviting those members who left or were banned back is one thing, but we can’t make them post or start threads.

I don’t expect any of the OG members here to hit the streets and try to pickup new members.

What else is there?

In the mean time I’ve removed net-wide and returned the Shift classifieds to Shift only (with only the recent classifieds threads in there.) The only network section that’s available on Shift right now is ‘Builds.’ I’ll give you guys about a week to prove it’s worth as a stand-alone classifieds system, but if it’s not being used (as it wasn’t before) I’ll change it back. Same with net-wide if you guys can’t decide on a viable way to generate content on Shift. Hit ‘what’s new’ now and take a look.

We’ll try it your way first.


damn, i was gonna post up to the network wide classified but have been too lazy/sick/busy to do so yet. oh well the shit can just stay in my basement then…is there anyway to have both?


It would be silly to have 8 different classifieds sections on one forum just as it’s silly to have a classifieds section that’s underutilized. Keep your stuff on-hand, nothing is set is stone.


I honestly think the best way to do this is to have two different ways to pull new posts. One that pulls shift and one that pulls everything. That way we get the best of both worlds.

I don’t think anyone cares if the extra sections show up on the main forum page.


Bill. if the kid engauged to my daughter, if I had one, was a schmuck, you wouldnt find the body. lol But I get the point. After the schmuck comes around a bit, you just stop talking to him and he starts ignoring you, or not coming around anymore. Your way, you just created a disfunctional family, my way I furtalized my piranha farm and christmas dinner is like it was the entire time befor they met.

same deal here, stop the problem dead in its tracks.

sure there is, sign on to the other fourm. I assume the username/password is still linked, isnt that how it works… its just shift doesn display the content links?

and Onyx, dont get things twisted, I am not going against you for sake of being cross or confrontational. Im keeping this a formal discussion.

That being said, taking over this site took over much more than making content look all shiny and new. Vlad made post cards and handed them out at shows, g2g’s, to other members to hand out… hell i remember sitting in standstill traffic on the northway in my jetta next to some kid and his girl in a nice wrx, we talked for 30 mins as we went 1 mile. I gave him a card and said hit up shift man, lots of good people there. point is it takes advertisment and work to get new members and new activity, not just “allowing” someone the right to click register, or some partner fourm to click new post.

Like I said, i will 100% blast through my facebook friends list and send a message “I miss you on Shift518… its under new managment, and now is trying to go back to the same old shift it once was in 2008 when you were there. It would be nice if ya came back to shoot the shit again”.

once, structure and such is concrete here again.


I’ll check into it. It depends on the coding. In the mean time you can subscribe to individual forums instead of just using ‘what’s new’ and view new threads on user CP I think. I’ve never had a reason to exclude forums myself so I’ve never tried it.

But is it really that big of a deal though? It’s the difference between seeing maybe 5 threads on ‘what’s new’ with just Shift, or seeing 20 threads on ‘what’s new’ and just having to scroll past the threads you’re not interested in.

Correct, your username & password works on all of the forums in the network. But you’d have to leave Shift to post there so it’s not as convenient as it was when the section was linked here.

Don’t worry, I’m not. I think we both have the same goals in mind.

That will help I’m sure. We’ll have things set soon.


Did anyone get unbanned yet? Have they been notified?


No, it was just brought up yesterday and we need to have a list / discussion with the mods about them.


If you want activity on here, post up the list with voting.



I’d like automotive activity here. I don’t want to bring back zombies like the NYSpeed equivalent of Just Karter just because they post in every thread and have bi-polar posting swings that piss off the rest of the user base, lol. Mafdark knows what I’m talking about :slight_smile: