The NOT-Trump thread


Lol, too many trump tings on here. need a thread to discuss non-political things, current events that dont necessarily warrant their own thread. Or maybe they do?

Something i saw today that i think is really interesting is the SEC break-up of Theranos and descent of Elizabeth Holmes.

She is being stripped of control of the company and given $500k fine and cannot be a director of a public company for 10 years.

If she were a man she would probably be in jail for this level of fraud. Primarily around a $700M capital raise based on clear lies.


Multiple lawsuits filed in the PA election. Reports of incorrect votes being tallied due to machine “calibration errors”, GOP attorneys being kicked out of paper ballot counting.

Electronic voting machines are such a bad idea, I can’t fathom why they are allowed.


I’m not ready to get on board with all that just yet.

Conor Lamb is not a typical democrat, he is actually quite reasonable, and therefore, i don’t think he represents the greater Democratic party or agenda. in fact, he shunned the national party in his campaign. If dems are going to run guys like that then i think we’re probably in decent hands either way. In fact, good centrist candidates is the only thing the dems can do to render Trump unnecessary.

Fucking 3rd post and already back to trump… fuck


Martin Skreli: Forfeits $7.5M in assets, sentenced to prison for 7 years for fraud. (Investors lost zero $)

Elizabeth Holmes: Pays fine of $500k for “massive $700M fraud” & cannot be an officer of any publicly traded company for 10 years. (Theranos lost $9B in valuation)

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The glass ceiling applies for prison sentences too I guess.


yes this is an important thing to notice, i was going to post this today.

it seems the female gender preference applies to all aspects of the legal system, and perhaps, particularly to corporate law now.

it’s probably 50/50 though, Skreli made himself out to be more of a bad guy than he needed to. there was probably some contempt factored into the sentencing.

but yet, people were so excited about a female-founded unicorn that they overlooked all due-diligence and gave huge money to some psychopath because it didn’t have a penis. It’s an important illustrative example of what we have to look forward to i guess.


It’s 2018. Everything is a political debate.

17 high school students were murdered in Florida, and it didn’t take even 1 hour before it became a political debate.


does it ever make you wonder how it is that the several of us left here all seem to share the same perspective?

i talk about this with a variety of people virtually every day and most other people just are not following the news… just the headlines of the news, with little to no insight beyond the sound bites.

it bothers me.

it seems to me that red pilling really has more to do with independent thought and slightly more depth of knowledge in the events that are happening around us. this is as opposed to men being run by their wives or the headlines… depending on the issue. i see a lot of guys that are not even ‘allowed’ to genuinely express themselves for fear of punishment at home.


I think a lot of this comes from people who have a certain belief or view of the world so they simply latch onto anything that enforces that view. This, coupled with strong one-sided ideologies being taught in schools make it nearly impossible for me to talk to some people.

Being in Florida now, the majority of my friends are right-winged, that’s inclusive of some of the LG community. But being friends with people in that community also shows how unreasonable some left-wingers are. They will immediately dislike me because I support Trump (this not Trump thread is tough haha). Whenever I ask why they dislike him, it’s all rhetoric from headlines without any support facts.

I consider most people (right or left) that react and respond in these ways simply as sheep. Feeding into bullshit because they strongly agree with bullshit.



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He’s an awesome troll, gotta give him that. He’ll get out early. In the mean time we need to write him letters in jail.

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Relevant meme:


I don’t think he’s eligible for Parole. Or if he is, it’s after like 6 years or something. This Federal “Pound me in the ass” Prison.


More time for Lauren Duca to fall in love with him then.


She did portray herself as the female Steve Jobs, black turtleneck and all…

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i caught a freaky video of here giving googly eyes in an internal promo video today but i couldnt find it later about searching youtube for it.

anyone know what im talking about?


So Hillary fell… again. Now she has a broken arm. But no one should have questioned her health during the election? She is either a raging alcoholic or has a brain problem… or both.


She just doesn’t have the stamina of trump lol


At least they didn’t chuck her in a van like a side of beef at the end of this video.


so a Maryland area Special Resource Officer ended what may have become another mass shooting today…incredible the news cycle these days.

this will be gone by Friday, never to be heard of again.


Give me an example of a modern handgun that is not semiautomatic.