The NOT-Trump thread


why is this even being tied to Trump at all?

this is standard operating procedure worldwide no? hell, the only emotion i even get from this is that i could do a much better job than these guys at selling that service in a far less egregious fashion.


it was “ground breaking election strategy” when Obama did it. It’s a scandal now though. #FakeNews


Yes this is exactly what i knew to be happening and could not believe it was being framed as such in the news.

thanks for finding the link and wow that it is Ben Shapiro who wrote it.


Yeah, I didn’t hear the Parkland brat pack having much to say about this. Maybe they’d be happier if he was able to spill more blood so they could wrongly accuse the NRA again…I mean the terrorist organization.


Found it


Aah. So THATS why this shooting was swept under the carpet. Wonder how long it takes for the public to find the reason for Vegas.


Thompson Contender hunting handgun. It’s a single shot handgun.


What about any single action revolver?


I figured there were some but, are they a tiny percentage of sales?


dont we have a pew pew thread?


Yeah but, people want to ban semiautomatic guns. My point is that it is almost all guns.


The logistics of that are beyond anything our government is capable of handling.

These kiddos just need to go back to school and take the media’s hand out of their asses.


Who wants to go to this restaurant? @bing

Toronto chef taunts vegans protesting outside his upscale meat restaurant by butchering a deer’s leg at the window then eating it in front of them after cooking it


That guy could give TheDonald a run for his savageness. :lol:


i keep seeing this all over my FB feed.

most people are laughing but there are also many vegans that i have on FB who are sympathizing with the protesters.



i’m related to them… it is amazing the intellectual hoops people will go through to avoid being accountable for their own lack of successes and write-off the obvious superior decision making of others.


active shooter situation at YouTube campus… one can only imagine what this will end up being.


YouTube recently decided to fuck over gun channels…so I wonder if this is related?


Female shooter. They’re calling it domestic violence.